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Miniatures for Sword & Sorcery: Arcane Legions, a tempting alternative

I told you briefly about Arcane Legions miniatures in my first post about miniatures for Sword & Sorcery. Now I'll give you a bit more insight of these minis if you consider using them in a Sword & Sorcery game - or any ancient era/fantasy roleplaying game. I'll have to say again that I love these minis and would really like to use them for a roleplaying game, and with some additions they would work well with Beasts & Barbarians. Unfortunately, they are 25mm minis and considerably smaller than other minis I have, and I do have an excellent selection of those larger ones.

I might actually have preferred if DDM & other minis were this scale too. A lot larger and more impressive terrains could be built and if trying to recreate realistic ranged combat scenes, you might actually be able to create them on the tabletop without any range warps. And the costs of the miniatures would also be lower; Even if painting would take equal amount of time, materials and logistics would reduce the cost.

But now back to the topic. Below, a few photos of my AL minis.

A sample selection of Arcane Legions miniatures

Faberterran, Northern druid, Lhoban people, other folk too - a lot of B&B folk could be represented by these. Roman legionnaire on left, mummy in the middle and greek soldier on right are painted bulk army minis, others are prepainted from boosters.

More Arcane Legions miniatures that could be used for Sword & Sorcery

Here archers are bulk army minis and cavalry on left (partially unpainted) from cavalry pack, others are from boosters.  

Note that there are some minis that can be used even with D&D miniatures scale minis - in 4E, minotaurs can be medium-sized, and King Minos of Crete works excellently as a minotaur cleric.

You can browse minis in Arcane Legions browser or Troll and toad catalogue.

Unfortunately, Arcane Legions doesn't seem like it took off too well, and next miniatures set from which some spoilers were already leaked, hasn't come out and it's still ages since first one's launch. If you're interested in minis, let Wells Expeditions folk hear it; T&T single selections seem also quite empty, so if you want some singles from the current selections, add some minis on your 'mail me when in stock' -list.

The new Arcane Legions starter has excellent value - I don't have the improved one with cavalries (although it was also of great value). You can get the army minis also painted and assembled.

Creating bases for the miniatures

A while ago I dug out small wooden pieces I've bought from a hobby store some time ago. While perhaps not optimal as they are too high, they were easily modified to work as bases for AL minis.

Making single bases for AL miniatures

I took a 5mm drill (~1/5") and drilled through the piece. After this, I was able to prod the miniature in the base, bit the hole was very tigh, and the miniature is in risk of being damaged when pulling it out. 6mm was too much, so I tried 5mm again and after drilling made a few small round movements with the drill, carving the edges of the drilled hole a bit. After this, the mini fits perfectly in. If you're going to paint the base, you should avoid painting the hole itself.

If you are considering other materials, such as buttons, note that some materials may be very hard to drill through even if you can't tell it by just looking at it - I've bought some buttons I've thought to be easily modifiable but haven't been able to use them before half an hour of swearing, sweating and bleeding.

25mm miniatures from other sources

I don't know these personally, but these products might complement Arcane Legions nicely: 
Didn't see any good classic barbarian options except on ebay, but I'm sure there exists those too. Please let me know if you find some good candidates. If they are plastic, even better, if they are prepainted, it's perfect! 
I'm still hoping that Arcane legions miniatures will be continued, giving us african tribal warriors,classic barbarian heroes and hopefully also rpg-suitable miniatures - angry mob and noble leaders perhaps?


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Very nice pieces, especially

Submitted by Umberto Pignatelli (not verified) on

Very nice pieces, especially the soldiers/archers. You'll need them in B&B#1 :)

I know - and it's making me

Submitted by Shaper and Maker on

I know - and it's making me crazy that in theory I have all the miniatures I need for a B&B - but they are of two (or actually more) very different scales. Third scale is LOTR minis I've got, that are just a little bit too big compared to DDM & like. I'd like to use the monted minis from those series.

Addition: There are some nice

Submitted by Shaper and Maker on

Addition: There are some nice fan-made settings / sourcebooks for Savage Worlds that work well with these minis too. Savage Rome and Warlords of Aros might be worth checking for. While they do look cool, both are a bit more fantastic worlds than normal Sword & Sorcery so they won't be but mentioned in my upcoming Savage Sword & Sorcery setting overview article.

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