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More character portraits


Not a character of mine, but an illustration I drew. Lumi (Snow) is a bard adventuring in the world of Forgotten Realms, who is quickly increasing her reputation around the realm. Recently has been joining the Harpers.


Another character illustrated by me. Hopea (Silver) is a half-drow half-elf that has... close relations to Lumi.

Tobel Tuulimäkeläinen

Tobel is a halfling that was growing sheeps for decades until a plague took his family and most of the sheep. After this Tobel left his field to find his luck from elsewhere and train his sorcerous abilities. Now he's putting together a spellcaster's guild for halflings and other small people at Shadowdale with a halfing named Bella.

Pirkko Aka. "Pikke"

A sluagh character at  Teen goth from Moira's Changeling -game.

Tuomo of Rautaveräjä

A Larp character in Pahan Tuulen Suunta -game at Kintulampi. A child long awaited that had just learned his first words had died, and his wife Maria lost her will of life at the same time.


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