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My kid(s) will some day be old enough to play too...

I'm most fascinated about an idea of being able to run games for my kid(s) some day. And not just for fun; rpg's work well for educational purposes too. You can use games to teach kids historical facts, lessons about behavior and moral and other useful things while having fun!

Many educational games (computer games) I've seen feel so transparent and forced that kids will easily get tired of it. Learning by games should be something that happens accidentally (from kids' point of view). If kids know their character will improve or gain other benefits by knowing details about another culture for example, it may make them study that culture with excitement; if kids realize themselves that they should study the topic to succeed better, it's even better. 

Games may also prepare kids for different difficult situations - although such should be carefully planned and thought through in order not to make the child fear. I'm not sure if there are adventures or gaming guidelines made by a child psychologist who would have thought everything concerning this kind of games.

DriveThruRPG.comDrivethrurpg's announcement of having  Teach your kids to game -week starting on Monday 11/14 caught my attention. While it will be years before I can think of running games for my own kid(s), this is something I'm very interested in. If you have kids of your own and you're interested in introducing rpg's to them, I think this is something definitely worth checking out!


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Great to hear Mike! I'm

Submitted by Shaper and Maker on

Great to hear Mike! I'm curious to hear what kind of games have you run to your kids?

We started with the old 80's

We started with the old 80's Dragon Warriors system, but have since progressed to Savage Worlds 50F, which is more their thing. That said, the dark medieval Legend of Dragon Warriors worked well too because they're so into BBC Merlin - it was the stepping stone I was waiting for. My wife was also an RPG newcomer, but is geeky enough to really enjoy it too. The fifth member of our core group is a neighbour and we've even picked up a colleague and his wife recently, and it works without dumbing down. It's probably not as intensely role-playing as an adult-only group would be, but we still tackle serious themes.
They've proved capable of grasping quite complex subjects, but prefer it when there's a bit more action and not tooooo much Dad going on and on ;) Even at the beginning we were playing for 3-4 h without a break without problems.
So, be patient, prepare, and have fun!

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