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New direction for Prepainted miniatures

Are you a prepainted miniatures fan? Do you run a sea -themed fantasy/historical game? If you weren't aware, long-time D&D miniatures active forums member Greyhaze is currently making small sets of prepainted miniatures and is now aiming for higher goals: he has started a Kickstarter project to create a sea/pirates -themed set, Tidal Wave. This is a new try as the previous (cancelled) one was made a bit too confusing and had too intimidating goal sum, this one is cleaned up and has a lower goal.

DCM PPM kickstarter If you aren't that interested in sea -themed games, you might want to check out Goal path; If very successful, the project might end up as a complete prepainted miniatures set! You can see a Kraken, Cavalry and various terrain items among other thingson the bonus item list. I believe this is the first PPM (PrePainted Miniatures) kickstarter project (if revisioned version), and helping it through might open a channel for numerous new PPM projects... I hope my dream of Steampunk -PPM set will come true one day!

You might also want to check Dungeon Crawler website, including it's available prepainted (and unpainted) miniatures, which include villagers, animals and tentacles! 

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