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Objective marker flags for WW2 games, part 2

My earlier victory area flags have been quite popular, and because of a request, I've made a new set of flags. I haven't been able to print them myself, so the photo below is from dano903 at and . If you're interested in these flags prepared and based, ask him!

Target sector flags

I heard 45% scale would be good for printing, I don't remember which scale did I print the earlier ones.

New flags: Belgium, Canada, Finland, France, Greece, Hungary, Romania

[Link to jpg]

An image with the above flags together with the original ones (Germany, Great Britain, Japan, Soviet Union, USA)

[Link to jpg]



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I would love some of these

Submitted by lambolt (not verified) on

I would love some of these flags! (Germany, USSR, USA, then Britain, France, Italy, plus Finland and Poland)

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