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Objective marker flags for WW2 games (printable)

Target area flags prepared

These flags can be tied to piece of wire, cocktail stick etc. and when attached to a simple base, they can be used to mark objective hex in axis & allies miniatures games. You can make the flag look more live-like when you make the flag a bit curvy ( see the pic below). The printable image has two sets of flags, one for thinner wires and second for a bit thicker cocktail sticks.

Prepared tokens, wrapped around piece of thick wire. The 


Target area flag in use



(Right click to save on image below)

Axis & allies miniatures target area flags


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If you browse around the site

Submitted by Shaper and Maker on

If you browse around the site, you'll see several posts having detailed instructions (or just phase-by-phase construction photos) of the terrains.

A good place to start would be checking the keyword WIP (Work in progress) -pages:

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