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'Ok, which ones of you are carrying the light?'

As our games often go forward fast, that question often comes up. Especially when fighting against enemies that can see in darkness, it can become important. It is often ignored, but it can become an effective combat tactic to get rid of opponent's lights.

Magical light and a torch, finished!

For this purpose, I've created props to show clearly which characters carry the light and the light's type. So far I've only created one of both types, but I'm planning to create more. Later, if I find a good way, I might create equivalent modern versions too. Based on initial play experience, these light source markers will become a standard prop in our games.

Below is a photo of the lights in actual gaming use. It immediately brought a new tactical element to the game where use of lights was completely ignored before this. Here the characters are entering a cave where they had seen some drow, believing they hadn't been spotted by the drow scouts. They were wrong.

Lights in use in Ptolus 4E campaign

Below are WIP photos of I've done the pieces. Just cardboard, 1mm wire, wool, a paper-mache ball from a hobby store and filler/glue/paints - if you haven't read my fire modelling tutorial, read it now!


Pieces from below.

How I've attached the wire to the cardboard base. I may add some extra supports as some of the miniatures seem to slip off the holder too easily.

Project advancing

Same from above.

Gluing the wool

Gluing the wool to the pieces

Applying some dyed filler

After applying some dyed filler

Almost there!

Almost there! I still applied some more white paint to the blue/white ball and painted the bottom of the torch brown.

Magical light and a torch, finished!

And the finished lights. This is a prop that really improves gameplay, and does really have a function. I highly recommed you to do some!

I hope you enjoyed seeing this modelling project!


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Very nice article! If I only

Submitted by Umberto Pignatelli (not verified) on

Very nice article! If I only had a fraction of your manual skill...

Thanks Umberto! And in the

Submitted by Shaper and Maker on

Thanks Umberto! And in the photo you can also see two newly prepared minis I've bought Beasts & Barbarians on mind :D

You should try making such some time! At plasticrypt forums they started to talk about a torch -miniature, so maybe there will be such one day!

What size are those paper

Submitted by Sara (not verified) on

What size are those paper mâché balls? Thanks for the article! I look forward to trying it at our d&d table.

Great to hear you liked the

Submitted by Shaper and Maker on

Great to hear you liked the article Sara! I don't have them at hand right now, but I'd say the balls have about 1cm diameter. I hope you succeed well with your pieces!

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