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Pinterest: the best social media tool for gamers so far?

I know social media applications have been used in gaming more or less, but before now, I haven't found one that really is to my liking. Well, I liked Google Wave a lot, but it had it's issues and is now being shut down. But the new rising star among social media sites is Pinterest, which is extremely useful for roleplayers, terrain builders and miniature collectors as well. And as I'm verfy visually oriented person, it's quite natural I enjoy this new toy. But as a gamer, I wanted to think of using this toy also in gaming.

Pinterest - a magnificent social media tool for gamersGaming forums - whether roleplaying or miniature gaming forums - get frequently threads having links (or images) of gaming terrain, miniatures or improvisational pictures. These threads are interesting, but it's difficult to find what you want with a glance. A lot better way to collect these pictures is using Pinterest. If you don't know Pinterest, it lets you 'Pin' pictures to boards you create - you give an url of a page where a picture you want to pin is, choose the image you want to pin and pin it to a board of your choice. This picture is shared to others who are following you or who happen to find them in some other way, like browsing or checking a pinner who Pinterest suggests you to check out. 

What about copyright?

While there's some uncertainty about how copyright issues go with things like this, I'd like to avoid using pictures of large corporations. But if you think of using these images being some kind of theft, you should know that every image is linked to the page from which they were found, which gives the site credibility in search engines and leads visitors to the image author's site - helping them get fans and even work. And I know I like getting no visitors, so I have no problem with my pictures being posted to the site! Pinterest also offers a script you can add to your site to prevent images being used in Pinterest.

RPG inspiration boards

I've been starting to create several boards at Pinterest. They are still in pretty much taking their first baby steps, but they are growing. Two boards that have more than a few pictures are Medieval/Fantasy rpg inspiration and General rpg inspiration. While they are quite modest yet, I'm looking for more materials to add to them, as well as to the other boards I've created - I'll be presenting them later when I have more materials in them.

These boards can be used just as inspiration when designing a game or session, or actually show them to the players during the game. If you have a projector, you could even project them on the wall for atmosphere.

More, more, more!

I want to create (or find) extensive collections to use for inspiration in games. If you have some great sceneries that are really inspirational for gamemasters, let me see them, or start your own boards (and please let me know of them!)

Are you thinking of using Pinterest for gaming purposes, or are you already doing it?


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