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Prepainted miniatures for Beasts & Barbarians

I've now been posting several posts about prepainted miniatures fitting for Sword & Sorcery settings. This time, I'm making a world -specific entry about monsters - for my favourite setting Beasts & Barbarians. I'm mostly using D&D miniatures but also other cheap miniatures, mainly from mage knight/clix series. First I'll be posting miniature suggestions for creatures that appeared in the original edition, and then later to those that appeared in Golded edition.

Ok, let's start. Remember that you'll see photos of many of the miniatures if you scroll down a bit.

Ancestor’s Ghost

Being an ethereal creature, there are some great choises for this. My favourites for this one are Cursed SpiritDeathlock wight, rare Ghostly consort and Sacred wather. You'll see a photoof these a bit lower.

Demonic Mastiff

While I think Shadow Mastiff (which I don't have, therefore no photo) should be most fitting, I can't pass a chance of using one of my favourite DDM uncommons, Nessian Warhound. This mini is a bit too large, but it's just magnificent and otherwise very fitting. Also Dire Wolf is very impressive for this purpose.

Fanged Ape

Being a large creature, Fiendish girallion or Dire ape work well. Please note that this creature doesn't have extra arms in the description, but you can of course change it for your world if you want! Star Wars Wampa (or second version) works also well, although they cost a bit more. And yet another option is Feral Minotaur.
Ancestor’s Ghost, Demonic Mastiff and Fanged ape

Fighting Bird

No good miniatures for this. Fire bat might work well if repainted, but a small printed 'from above' photo of a hawk glued on a stick and cardboard piece might work well. Here's a piece I've created for this purpose - the image should be printed at 300dpi.

A paper hawk miniature



Shadow Bat

Dire bat is the first one that comes to mind, but the bat is described to be far larger. Star Wars Utapaun on Dactilllon might work as it's got a rider, especially if modified a bit, but I'd say your best bet would be to buy a bat toy, modify it a bit to make it a bit more study and base it. And Sorcerer on Black Dragon is always an option, even if it looks like a dragon and not a bat. Wings are similar and it's got a sorcerer on it already!

Singer Demon

There's only one good option for this: Clawborn scorrow. Unfortunately, I don't have it, nor a good proxy, so I can't post a photo. I'm trying to come up as a good proxy, but I don't have any scorpions or driders so I can't get really close. I'm trying to look at toy stores for cheap alternatives.


Spirit of the Betrayer

Two really great options come to my mind: Warrior Wight and Dread warriorKarrnathi Zombie looks also promising.


Steppe Pony

No really good options here. I believe I'll be using just plain horses, even if 'ugly and furry' would tempt me to use my LotR Worg riders... but they are also a bit too big for ponies - and a bit too ugly. And if I modify the riders much and mounts as well, I can't use them as orcs.

Orc Worg raiders - as Valk on Steppe ponies?

LotR miniatures worg raiders (and one clix for scale). Won't probably be available anymore, and there is better alternatives. My choise is likely Valiant Cavalry, seen in the middle of the first photo of this post - even if it's horse-sized.

Twisted Servant

There's one great option for that - unfortunately I don't any of these Grimlocks. in DDM sets, there are 3 different versions, some of which are in stores at T&T.


Keronian Imp

I'm going to use Imp as I have several of those, although Quasit might work better. Grinning Imp is also an option as well as Star Wars Mynock might work. Another option I really like and also have is Gnaw demon.
Spirit of a betrayer, Shadow bat, Keronian Imp. And behind, potential war buffalo.
Warrior WightDread warriorDire batImp and Gnaw demon. Behind the bat is Thunderdusk boar, that can be used as a proxy for War buffalo if there isn't better options. Unfortunately it's not actually mounted either, but you might be able to mount it a mini on riding position if you want.


War Buffalo

Not straight fits here too, although Mage Knight might have more fitting ones that I do. I may just use Dire boars (Harbinger or the uncommon mounted version)

If you know cheap prepainted miniatures that work well as buffalos, or you know a half-scorpion miniature (I know I've seen one, probably in Mage Knights) please let me know!


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This article spread out a bit

Submitted by Shaper and Maker on

This article spread out a bit before I intended, and there's one little additon I wanted to add, but I'll now add it as a comment instead. There's some other good miniatures for twisted servants too - Ghouls and Ghasts. Ghast looks perhaps best, and he's carrying a bone club!

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