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Prepainted miniatures for Cyberpunk/Modern: A great, versatile collection with budget

Anyone can get a great miniature collections very cheaply, thanks to collectible miniatures vith very rare miniatures and stores selling singles. For as low as $25, you can get a basic set of 50 miniatures that has a lot of those extras your player characters are going to meet a lot, plus a lot of different characters for pc's or villains. I've chosen to use Troll & Toad as I've made a lot of purchases with them I'm happy with, and they have a great collection (including Mage Knight) and good photos of everything. You might get some minis cheaper elsewhere but mailing costs might be a bit higher - but I can only tell about international shipping.

Now to the miniatutres themselves. Some of the miniatures have been repainted or possibly modified a bit, but not much.

Street toughs and minions

Street toughs

You want some street toughs, villain's minions, nomads or rough heroes to your miniatures collection? 
Luke CageThunderball, Kraven, ThugPeace Brigade Thug and Henchman work excellently for this.

Armed ladies

Chicks with guns
If you want some beauty on the game table - gang chicks, female solos with style or bodyguards, here's a few great examples: NightshadeSinLex Corp SecurityCheckmate Knight Black (great for police/swat too), Tiger Lily (with little modification). I don't think the photo brings out the best of Nightshade, I was amazed that this amazing miniature can cost just 50 cents. I immediately gave her a role as a npc in my next Cyberpunk session.

Military and Swat

Modern military and swat miniatures
Metropolis S.C.U. couldn't make it to the photo but you might want to check it out anyway.
SHIELD soldiers have stupid paintjobs so I've repainted them, as well as modifed a bit the sniper's weapon. Other SHIELD (or S.H.I.E.L.D) guys are a bit more expensive.

Corporate people & men in suits

Corporate people & men in suits
Middle: Gotham City Detective #006 (with two repainted versions - and sorry, I just realized this one's $3. Thought of sharing it here though as it's a magnificent miniature and I had already photographed it with the rest of the minis)
Hmm. Is there something missing? Of course, those heroic guys with guns and whatever you want them to be. While above men in suits can be used for them, most guys with guns are unfortunately a bit more expensive than 50 cents which I kept limit for this article (except for Gotham City Detective which I had supposed to be cheap). There are some options though, especially if you are willing to do a little repainting. 
So here we go:

Guns and blades

Men with guns & blades
Pete Wisdom (needs little modification)
Two-Face (another version) (repainted)
and the last one is Officer 7/Officer 13/Officer friendly (the last one is the only one left, unfortunately it's a bit expensive - and none of the versions doesn't seem to be 50c so this is another mini that made it to the post even if the post was supposed to be only about cheap ones - sorry!)

Final words

This is my first article about Modern/Cyberpunk miniatures. If you're on budget, in these genres it's quite easy to get a collection that is everything you need for very low cost - a lot of minis you're going to want are probably men in suits & swat/soldier -type.

The miniatures I present in this series of posts have been used in Savage Cyberworld -campaign, and so far I've posted miniature articles about prepainted miniatures fitting for Sword & Sorcery, which is almost complete.


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Two and a half years later I

Two and a half years later I stumble upon your article and it's still very handy! I needed some miniatures for a call of cthulhu-esque setting with very few monsters and primarily basic human npc's and pc's. These will do nicely, and they ship to Europe! :-)

Hi, just wondering what scale

Submitted by Dave (not verified) on

Hi, just wondering what scale are these miniatures? Are they 30mm?


I've been looking for modern

Submitted by Jason Alexander (not verified) on

I've been looking for modern minis for a LONG time and I'm glad I stumbled upon your webpage! In the past, I've raided the series of boardgames Last Night on Earth for modern horror minis. They are really nice sculpts, but not prepainted. Thanks for these links!!

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