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Prepainted miniatures for Cyberpunk/Modern: Expanding repertoire - some excellent choises

Sorry for long delays in my posts series - even worse these pauses are made by the fact that many cool miniatures singles fly off the shelves very fast. Older clix and mage knights are being found again by roleplayers and are selling hot again. It's some time since I started writing this article too, and regrettably many of the items are out at T&T, possibly elsewhere too. It's worth it to look for them though - the ones I'm showing now are really excellent minis for modern/cyberpunk games!
Heroscape suits, street girls and debithed Bith

On the left, you can see Krav Maga Agents (Heroscape). The Matrix -like guy on the background is modified Bith Black Sun Vigo - I switched another Star Wars miniatures' head for it. On the right, you can see Blood VampCon Artist and Cuckoo.

One of the best thug miniatures you can get - Bishop. And

Bishop - one of the best thug miniatures you can get - a guy with a long overcoat and a shotgun, priceless! As you can see, I've made several minor repaints of that mini. On the right, there's three version of Razorvixen (link is to one of them - unfortunately they all are out ATM).



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