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Prepainted miniatures for Sword & Sorcery rpg's

There are thousands of prepainted miniatures out there, and while some are difficult to find, many of them suit well for Sword & Sorcery rpg's. This series of posts is meant to show you miniature's I've found for my purposes and tell you what these miniatures are, and in many cases linking them straight to a miniatures singles store.

This post collects together all the Miniatures for Sword & Sorcery -posts on this site, making them easier to read through. The purpose of these posts is to help gamemasters (or players) to find suitable miniatures for their S&S tabletop games, if they don't like to assemble and paint metal miniatures. I'm trying to present mostly affordable options, although some minis may be of higher value or hard to find.

Knife dancer, courtesan, Mighty warrior, mounted amazon, raging barbarian and others... Miniatures for Sword & Sorcery

Also some non-miniatures are looked at in this series - simple scratchbuilding, toys and random finds you can make in surprising locations.

The series isn't yet complete at the moment but this page, binding all the posts in the series, is published for convenience of readers. If you want to bookmark these pages, this is the only page you need to bookmark.

Troll and Toad

I've decided to use Troll and Toad as a place to link minis, as they have quite about all the minis I present in their selections and while some may be out, they seem to get refills from time to time. They also have good pictures (two pictures always gives better image of the mini), wishlist/'mail me when available' functionalities and other usable features. I've done maybe 15-20 orders from them with little trouble (once I think a mini was wrong, I got the right one for free when I ordered next time, another time I was refunded for a mini that wasn't in store even if it looked like).

About Mage Knight and Clix'

Many clix -miniatures have 3 different rarities that usually look exactly same, and often a unique made from the same sculpt too. If you really want the miniature you see and the first one you see isn't available, search on the site with the name, or check through the whole set where the miniature is from. You can also find the mini from other stores if it's not available, and you get accurate set/number/etc info for that purpose from T&T.




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