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Preparing for Galactica RPG: Prepainted minis & Paper space ships

Galactica is one of the games I'm planning to run with Savage Worlds in future. It's most likely to be a mini-campaign, consisting of ~5 sessions. As a miniature and prop -fanatic, I've gathered some props for the game already.

Most of the miniatures I'll use in the game will be sames I use in my cyberpunk campaign. Soldiers, men in suits, commoners, they all fit in. I've bought a few cheap clix I'll use as pilots, even if they don't have perfect match for the suit they'll work:

Some recent HeroClix usable with Galactica

These miniatures are from Heroclix Captain america -set.

(The mini in front was repainted in haste in dim lighting, so I'll have to paint it again)

Battlestar Galactica paper ship miniatures

There's plenty of material around the web that can be used as a basis for tiny paper Galactica ships. Only Galactica itself has required more work from me, unfortunately I can't find the parts for it anymore - it was created from a larger papercraft Galactica model.

Here's some photos of the ships I'll be using (I'll also use some Star Wars freighters, scratchbuilt or original)

Missiles on the way...

Epic space fight!

Galactica! See also Raptors and Vipers.

Dradis alert! Three base stars just jumped in!


The only thing that has needed some thinking from me so far is how to stat a Cylon. With some help from Pinnacle forums, I've been thinking of using following stats:

Strength d12, Vigor d10 (others d6)

Fighting d6, Shooting d8, Notice d6, Tracking d4
Pace: 6, Parry: 5, Toughness: 12 (4) 

Special abilities:
Armored: +4
Big: Size +1

Construct (+2 to recover from Shaken+immunities)
Hardy (Second shaken doesn't cause a wound)

Stabilized Machine Gun: 12/24/48, 2d8, RoF 3, AP 2, 100 rounds, no autofire penalties.
Claw: Str+d6 melee weapon

Weak spots (subject to called shots, but only if you know them; spending a minute investigating remains of a Cylon and making a repair check reveals this)

Vulnerable to radiation: Depending on level of radiation, a Cylon centurion must make a vigor check each minute, hour or day or suffer a level of fatigue. 

Continue fight (A cylon that is eliminated by a way other than attacking the weak spot rises up once with a spirit roll -2 after d6 rounds. It has no legs or machine guns and can only crawl.)

I'll have to test if this is too much - I want cylons to be fearsome as they were in the show - something a lone hero doesn't want to meet alone, but a combat-oriented hero could defeat, especially if planning well and burning some bennies.

This version goes down quite easily if it can be surprised, the attacker knows what to aim and has a good weapon. On the negative side, it might be difficult to surprise a Cylon completely, at least I get a feel that they are wary all the time and they don't get tired! I'd see one standing in guard being prone to the drop.

Galactica RPG campaign theme

The mini-campaign is likely to focus on the President of the Twelve colonies. There was no knowledge of his fate, so the campaign is a story of what happened to a small group of soldiers and other people who survived the initial strike together with the President and attempt to take him to safety.


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As another minis/scenery

As another minis/scenery junkie, I can tell you that I LOVE the ships and the setup you have going on here. What a great idea for the hook into the larger Galactica story, too!

Thanks! It'll likely take

Submitted by Shaper and Maker on

Thanks! It'll likely take time before I can run it, but it's something I'm really waiting for!

I guess they are SHIELD :) I

Submitted by Shaper and Maker on

I guess they are SHIELD :) I'm not too familiar with those comics though. I just look for miniatures that look suitable for my purposes.

And thanks Sean!

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