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Pulut (Pigeons) - scratchbuilt wedding cake decoration

I've been drawing Pulut -sarjakuva (Pigeons -comics) for a Finnish young's community site, and like I've often drawn these pigeons to guestbooks and in greetings, I decided to create a decoration for our wedding cake of these comic characters. The same theme was seen in wedding invitation, where one pigeon 'accidentally' prod a ring closer to another pigeon - and the wedding cake decoration was made from this picture.

Pulut (Pigeons) - the comic wedding cake decoration

Unfortunately I have no VIP pics from the creation process. From what I remember, the base is cut from cardboard, and wings, tail and nose are from thinner cardboard. Eyes are just thick paper. Feed are made from wire, body is some kind of paper mass egg found from a hobby store. Head is also modelling clay-like material that dries in the oven, not sure what it's called. The mass is applied around thicker wire that is attached to the body.

Finally, layers of filler-glue-mixture was applied on the model before painting - eyes and nose were attached after painting.

Pulut (Pigeons) - the comic wedding cake decoration, another view


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