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RPG miniature additions for a D&D miniatures collector

I started collecting DDM just for my roleplaying needs, and after the 1+6 boxes I was hooked - if you've collected anything you know how it goes. Anyway, as many DDM collectors know, there has always been some holes in DDM collection, even if many of them got filled close to the end of the line. To fill these holes, you need to find alternative sources. Horror clix, Heroclix,Star Wars miniatures, Mage Knight and Heroscape are main sources for miniatures I've found.

Unfortunately many of these start to run out of singles stores, so finding some of them may need a bit searching. If you really want something I believe they can be found without too huge trouble. So, here you can see some of my non-DDM miniatures I find essential additions for DDM.

Pegasos rider, Vampires, Woman-at-arms, Staff fighter, Stag

Pegasos -rider, minotaur, woman-at-arms, staff-fighter and vampire-mistresses
Here's an good selection of extra minis you might be interested in.
On the top left is Moonstar (rider repainted) which is an excellent fantasy miniature for very low cost, if you use a bit of paint - a pegasus -riding archer is a priceless addition to D&D minis! The rider can aslo be removed quite easily, so you can have a unmounted pegasos and a smallish rider for another mount if you want.
Right of Moonstar, Elven Recruit isn't perhaps the pretties miniature if you don't paint it a bit more, but if you want a female leader (or member) for a group of Men-at-arms, it is your best option. If you want your archers to have similar style than your men-at-arms, check out also Longbow Archer. You might also want to check out Standard Bearer (At the moment only one left).
Next ones are Vampiric Thrall (unfortunately none are left - I waited for a long time before buying this mini as it looks like it's limbs are of very long length, but it's just an illusion), Malice (which works well for Vampire too - I really like vampires!) and Quarterstaff warrior.
On the background in addition to an excellent Minotaur (Minos of Crete) from Arcane Legions - which wipes the table with DDM's own minotaur cleric - you see is halves of Vlad the Impalers.

Angels (and another vampire)

Angels and another excellent vampire

The best angel -miniature I've found is Dreamblade Angel of sunrise - unfortunately it's Out of Stock at T&T, you might want to google for other sites. If you want an angel for your Invoker of Raven Queen, Thief of Last Chances is a perfect choise. Vampire Enforcer is another excellent vampire (unfortunately out atm)

Horned Stag - a Druid's best friend

If nature has a big part in your games, one really excellent miniature is Horned Stag - again one miniature that's been sold out, hopefully you can find it elsewhere if you want one. I could have sword there were many left a few days ago... It's too bad that way too many excellent rpg miniatures are being sold out.


If you need gladiators, em4 miniatures has a game with 5 prepainted gladiators. While I haven't been able to compare them to DDM, at a glance they looked quite same scale.

Heroscape has also a few good-looking gladiators, which seems to be available at Amazon although expensive: . If you find them in your FLGS (means Friendly Local Gaming Store if you weren't aware) for more affordable cost, go ahead and buy them!

It's really shame that Heroscape got axe, as it really did have a lot of magnificent rpg miniatures, for many, many different genres.

Shadar Kai

For those wanting more Shadar Kai, check out Far-Outsider and some of the Yuuzhan Vong

Other collections

Have you checked my series of posts for Miniatures for Sword & Sorcery -articles? They have a lot of miniatures that fit traditional fantasy too. Especially the article about mounted miniatures and commoners may be of interest to you. There are also some non-DDM I've bought especially for D&D games, but I haven't posted them here to avoid repetition.

And in case you're curious, I've cut 1" (or a bit less) discs from 1mm cardboard, glued debased miniatures to them and painted the bases black. I would have painted them dark brownish grey but I have to confess black's so much faster and I'm lazy!


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