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RPG session series concept: Linked but unrelated games

I have way too many game worlds and genres on my 'to-run' list, so I have no hope of running many of them as a campaign. I would't have enough material to run a campaign for many of them anyway, but on the other hand, I wouldn't want to run them as straight one-shots either; Players often want some continuity, so a series of one-shots doesn't sound so good.

I have an idea about how to handle this. The games will be short series or one-shots, but they are connected. When a character achieves something in a game, his character in the next game is in a similar situation - in addition to starting with the xp of the character in the previous game. Perhaps he's supposed to share some other statistics too, but not too many - just enough to keep the feel of similarity, but still allowing big changes.

In savage worlds, in addition to those benefits, allies, enemies and other troubles gained in the last game, the character will keep one of his hindrances and one of his edges. And no-one prevents him from using the same character, perhaps tuning a few details. Have you perhaps watched Black Adder -series? Not too serious example though. 

Do you think this gives enough feel of continuity for one-shots or mini-campaigns? Do you have your own methods for similar situations?


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