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Salmon decorational model

Salmon -decorational model

A non-gaming post this time; As readers of this site are mostly gamers, I'll say a few words for this piece's gaming use too; it's not difficult to stretch one's brains to have an idea of using this decorational model as a giant fish the PC's must fight (or can summon!) The model can also be thought a miniature.

I've made majority of my models - including this piece - before realizing that I should document quite about all the models I create, as learning their creation process would be most valuable to many readers. What I can say about this model with a few words is that I've used modelling clay for structure, cardboard for fins, and it's attached with a glass pipe to the base (which is made from a top of a ice cream cup, filler and small stones!). Glass pipes are leftovers from a glass-blowing course in arts & crafts school - something that I never threw away and which have now become invaluable.

Silver paint and glossy varnish are must with this kind of models, just be careful with the silver, if you apply it on black parts - it's very, very glossy and it should applied as a very thin layer and/or mixed with gray. 

Salmon -decorational model, from side

Salmon -decorational model, bird's eye perspective

Salmon -decorational model, from above

Salmon -decorational model, another side view

This is somewhat thematic post, too - it's now midsummer, and in Finland most people are celebrating it on summer cottages next to lakes, any many are eating self-caught fish! After the midsummer party, be back for even more themed update, as I'll show you different applications of fire!  


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