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Savage Cyberworld; session 2

Special custom Savage Worlds initiative cards

Session 2 of Savage Worlds / CyberPunk campaign; a group of friends and their friends have formed a troubleshooting company, hoping to get from low-level guard missions and dirty jobs to high-level corporate gigs. The name of the company is Trouble Inc.


This time the group was increased by two characters, originally Italian Corrado and Agnès that comes originally from Algeria. Corrado seems to be muttering by himself occassionally and has a tendency to make others nervous, Agnès isn't very talkative about how she's learned to fight so well.

The last session ended with Tony being badly battered. His doctor did great job, but still wanted to keep Tony in the hospital for a few days; His crippled leg is still quite painful, so he's got strong medications. On the day when Tony was supposed to get home, a beautiful, familiar -looking nurse enters the room, smiling understandingly, walking next to Tony's bed. She arranges the tray she brought in, smiling warmly to Tony, bends down to kiss surprised (and drugged) Tony, and at the same time when he sees a pistol in the nurse's hand, he realizes the small nagging feel he had in the back of his mind - this woman didn't look familiar because it was his nurse, but because she was an assassin of the Triads, Maggie 'Miss Furious' Lan!

Tony gets visited by a nurse that bows to kiss him... and then draws a gun.


Corrado had arrived to the hospital after more than an hour of sitting in the car during the rush hour, after drinking large amounts of black coffee. He declares himself as a visitor, and rushes to the restroom. After few moments of huge relief, Corrado steps out of the toilet, and sees that two chinese men in black suits are now standing in the lounge. One of them is right in front of him, and he sees a dragon tattoo in his neck, and remembers Joker telling about their conflict with the Triads last week, and her mention of dragon tattoos of the members. 'Oo, we're going to have some fun!' says a voice in his head.

Corrado steps out of rest room and sees a dragon-tattooed man.

Hospital scene from different angle


-'Consider yourself yourself goodbye'd; Mr. Ironhand sends his greetings' says Miss Furious and starts slowly to squeeze the trigger.

Suddenly, the door slams open, as a nurse walks in; In a flash, Maggie turns his silenced gun and shoots two fast shots to the nurse; The nurse falls to ground and another one starts to scream. Tony uses the moment to his advantage, jumps up from the bed and tries to disarm Ms. Lan, although unsuccessfully. Her surprise is over, however, and now she'll have to target Tony's parry with no special advantages. A fast-paced combat starts, where still wounded Tony manages to slap Assassin's hand away several times just in time to direct the bullet to nearby wall.


Corrado hears screams, sees the other goon on the other side of the room to quickly look at the corridor where the scream came from and then watching the receptionist closely. He decides to subtly suggest the gangster next to him to walk calmly towards the corridor,  while staying in cover behind him. Pistol attached to back of the skull and a successful intimidate check help with persuasion. The other goon soon notices the situations and feels suddenly unsure of what to do, he points pistol at Corrado and yells him to drop his weapon. Corrado decides to intimidate the goon by blowing his buddy's brains on him, which makes the poor fellow scream in horror trying to clean his face from pieces of his associate (multiaction, both rolls success with raise due to bonuses from The Drop & special card). Corrado takes cover behind the counter.

Corrado intimidates a goon successfully by covering him with his pal's brains

One more goon arrives from the hospital but bumps into a nurse (clubs event) and gets shaken. Both goons stay shaken next round and Corrado finishes one of them off, after which the other decides to run to Ms. Furious. Corrado walks to the corridor and finishes him, letting a few screams out of nurses's mouths.


Melee fight continues with no special turns except a few shakens and growing fatigue and frustration on Maggie's part. Then, with help of a special card bonus, Tony manages to pull a weapon hidden to Furious's body and stab her a wound;  Corrado's Joker time starts, he runs to Tony's room door, jumping in his gun blazing and manages to hurt Maggie further. She sees her situation quite desperate, and decides to do a fine acrobatic stunt and jump through window. In addition to small damage from jumping through the window, she a freebie with a raise from Tony, and is at 3 wounds when starting to close the asphalt; police sirens start to close and our heroes decide that they don't want to answer to difficult questions (specifically about Corrado's weapon) and split away.

After arriving to the company office, Tony gets visited by the police and is taken to the department. After some interrogation the officer who has something more interesting to do is somewhat satisfied to the answers and Tony gets to go.

Session description continues after game notes below


Game notes: It's easy to put the focus on combat, forgetting other skills; this is something I'm trying to fix. Climbing should have been used for a few times during the combat, and survival could have been used instead of the vigor check for extreme heat.

Initiative cards I'm using are special; Each club reminds to check for GM if something special happens, and each heart gives a special benefit for the acting character - usually something that encourages actions other than plain attacks.

Special custom Savage Worlds initiative cards

Btw, thanks to Savage Lythia for Miss Furious!

Session continues; description comes later

Hit with a grenade launcher!

Combat tactical situation view

Lots of local drug baron's men charging over the open field

Waking up after very confused drive

The grown team


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