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Savage Cyberworld; session 3

Scene from Savage cyberworld -game

Session played 23.2.2011

Start situation: Characters have rested after their mission in africa, and follow news about recent fusion of two mega corporations, Kenta cyber dynamics and Chimera biotechnics. Conversation in the office's lounge gets heated, and Agnes, Tony and a third employee get out on the street for a cigarette.

They pay attention to a dangerous -looking man walking across the street, having propably armored trenchcoat; Tony runs a facial recognition check to most wanted criminals -list, but only partial exposure requires some time to process. Suddenly a huge explosion shakes the ground. Everyone on the other side of the street looks above the office building. Tony, as a parkour master, gets to the roof to see better. An adjacent Kenta research building has blown up. Agnes sees the trenchcoat -man jump an a motorcycle and drive away; she memorizes the register plate and then spots the guy standing nearby who stares at the research building's huge smoke pillar with a motorcycle helmet in his hand.

Tony's recognition program finds a match, and the guy is recognized to be Black Hound, a mercenary connected often to Jata automatics, Kenta's competitor, who a few days before had been witnessed to murder two of the Kenta's board memebers in Brazil. No-one had seen the mercenary for two years, before that he had been quite active.

The scene was put together partially for atmosphere as there was a bit extra time before the game, partially just in case if pc's decided to engage combat or chase at this time.

Street-level  scene from Savage cyberworld -game

Toxic gases alert is sounded, and virtual network starts to flood with news about the happening. Security cameras have spotted the trenchcoat-man too, and . The gases evaporate slowly, but before they are gone, Trouble Inc. gets a visit from Kenta representative. The company gets an assignment to get rid of this man. They are supposed to meet a contact in a bar at suburban area of Mexico City who knows details of the man's whereabouts but distrusts electronic channels. They get a lift there with a spinner flying below radar.

Joker wants to try the spinner and finally gets her will through while the pilot Chao checks something at the back of the vehicle. She pulls a few stunts and Chao starts crawl back angered, and Joker tries to check her stunt from flight recorder; A red light with alarm noise begins, and before anyone can realize what's happening, a missile hits the craft. Joker spots a nearby canyon to land into, otherwise low-flying craft would have hit ground very badly; Unfortunately, luck wasn't with heroes, as bouncing items and vigorous shaking caused bad hits to several characters, and killed their pilot. Team hurried out of burning spinner, only to notice a sea of closing rats. Tony and Corrado decided to climb to an extruding part of the canyon wall, while Joker and Agnes kept firing towards the rats with grenades. No rat could make their way to the girls before they were pulled up with ropes.

Serious solar activity has been recently pounding electronic communications, which makes communications blockages outside civilized areas - therefore, team had to do without any G maps or other location tools. After some difficult orienteering and a short but extremely violent encounter with a nomad gang, one of which provided some helpful information after Agnes's interrogation, the heroes reached suburban area with their newly 'found' motorcycles. They stopped for a beer and an extremely successful streetwise roll helped them to the bar they were looking for in no time.

A local gang was gathered in front of the bar. Tony stayed outside trying to keep the gang off their bikes while the others entered the bar. They spotted their contact among the passed-out people, but the contact turned out to be actually dead. Corrado spotted a corner of a data card showing out of his pocket and picked it, and when they turned to leave the bar, closing police sirens started to yell. The biker gang decided to let them go and the team drove away. After a little encounter and persuasion team almost got away from an encounter with a police car, but then the car reversed and began a chase. Unfortunately everyone wasn't good in driving, and Agnes got unlucky and rode into a big crack in the road and got thrown off (ruled because of damage to the driver). 

Tony who was riding with Joker shot the following police driver with has Barrett, told Agnes to jump on with Joker and told he's going to go over roofs and meet them in the first bar they stopped in. The others got there pretty fast and while waiting, checked out the datachip they found. It appeared to be intrusion plan to a Kenta research facility, and the attack is supposed to take place in about an hour! They called their ride (15 minutes ETA) and prepared to leave. Tony got in just at the last minute and spinner headed towards Night City.

There were still bad communication problems, and the spinner crew wasn't able to contact their HQ for advice about the situation. They suggested that the corporation is likely to give reward for solving this problem, so the team decided that they'd go to the target of the attack. Before they arrive, they can contact their Kenta contact who promises to double the payment for attempting to prevent the attack. Soon after that, they see the research center with security guards next to it's landing platform. When about to step out, they notice that the solo is secretly trying to get his weapon ready to shoot and there's just noticeable trails of blood leading from the edge of the landing area to the structure next to it. PC's jump out, starting on hold. The solo notices the situation and tries to draw his gun, dodges (soaks) hits from a Tony's barrett and Agnes's assault rifle but is then hit by Corrado's pistol shot to head and killed instantly.

Landing the spinner to the top of the research facility

(No real spinner here, just a van for proxy)


Joker persuaded spinner-pilot to give control of the spinner, Agnes stayed with him and the rest of the team started running down stairs; The target floor was 4, so there was quite an amount of running. Joker and Agnes soon encountered a spinner carrying Kenta's own swat team, and Agnes decided to drop off after all and go to the gunfight. Unlike all the others, she took elevator. 

Battle at the 4th floor laboratory

Agnes was able to take down the enemy investigating  arrived elevator easily, and a few more intruders too, but soon more enemies began to arrive, as well as Black Hound. And at the same time, arrived Tony, Corrado and the two spinner crew members of their ride; The battle turned ugly at this point, as a grenade took out one of the crew members, made Corrado and the other extra shaken and forced Tony to jump in the middle of the firing zone.

Entering the action in the Kenta cyber dynamics research facility

Another grenade flew far off, but Tony and Agnes got a few serious hits and Hound, as an overconfident type, moved into frontline and started shooting at everyone. All the GM bennies were unspent at this point, which made him very durable. After one of the soldiers accidentally hit Hound making him shaken (which I believe was actually quite fatal), some of the attackers decided to move into melee to hammer enemies with rifle backs in order not to hit their boss. Finally, before any fatalities at the player's part, Hound was taken down; He made his first Vigor check for incapacitation with a raise, so he still stayed up a bit longer.

The situation was finally ended by the swat team from the second spinner; When they entered the combat, player controlling them got Joker for them so the 6 troopers stormed in and cleared the table from enemies quite fast. At the last rounds of the combat, Corrado hit something on a shelf, which started to burn on a bright, extremely hot orange flame, which was burning quite about anything it hit.

But when the dust goes down, the team sees that the place is wired, and there's several bombs with timers counting at less than 1 minute! Joker gets her spinner to a good spot to help the fleeing group to escape, including the body of the target, and the spinner has a few seconds to fly away before the building explodes and starts to collapse.


After a trip to corporation's own hospital, the team is taken to the office they got briefing in. They get their doubled payments and lots of thanks, and once they are in shape and in suitable clothes, they are taken to a high-class restaurant. While the corporation lost another research center, they seem happy to having caught the trouble-causing mercenary.

One strange incident event takes place, when a woman in black motorcycle suit slightly bumps Tony who's on his way back from restroom. When he tries to follow her out of restaurant, security alarms go off and guards stop Tony - but no weapons is found. He also can't find anything missing or new after the bump.

After a while, he gets a message to his virtual display with no sender information. The message contains a location, a graveyard in a small town in mexico, near border. The team goes there to see what is it about, and finds a very insignificant-looking grave of José Sanchez. They decide to dig, and find a wooden box, and inside they find a body that has rotted for quite some time, but could clearly to be recognized to be the same man they just shot.

End of session.

Custom modern/cyberpunk Savage Worlds initiative cards

Custom modern/cyberpunk Savage Worlds initiative cards


Weapon & equipment cards; Another easing factor in the game.

Weapon & equipment cards; Another easing factor in the game.


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