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Savage Cyberworld; session 4

Another fast train passes by; Corrado arrives to the scene.

Shaper & Maker roleplaying game session logs contain lots of photos about custom miniatures & terrains, info about those, some times game rules and of course, story itself. This is about Savage Worlds campaign that started a few sessions ago.

The session starts where the last session's ended. Pc's are standing at a notorious mercenary's grave - the body has been rotting for a while, and yet the pc's believe they killed this very same man a few days ago. They think about what to do while returning to night city but don't do anything right away.

They enjoy their rewards for a few days, after which they are contacted by Kenta Cyber Dynamics. They want pc's to do a small job, AND they want them exclusive. Characters agree without hesitation, as it increases their rewards and gives them base salary.
They get assigned to hunt down an employee that has stolen some sensitive data. As the theft was revealed very soon by an unscheduled check, he thinks he still has some 7 hours before being revealed by a routine check. The team gets corporation data links attached to their cybernet immersion devices and all the required info.
Team is dispatched to the area, only to find an empty apartment. After little search and help from corporation system operator, they manage to replay a deleted message from an old-style phone device's answerer. The message was short: 'Kingston. Number four to the east.' the team decided that it meant Kingston station, not the district, school or mall.

Firefight on the trainyard

Rail number 4 was empty and closest match was train 104 about to leave eastward. A convenient disturbance at the station (crashed luggage transport) and little acrobatics/trickery helped joker and tony in the train, with weapons. The train was a hoax though; as they walked through the moving train, they saw a glimpse of a familiar-looking man walking on rail 4 outside. An emergency break got the team back where it was supposed to be.
Tony moved fast towards a parked metro on rail 4, and two reflex-boosted solos jumped out; the one with shotgun put Tony to 1 wound and 1 bennie left, after which his reflexes weren't fast  enough and he was hit by passing train. The other one was taken out by Joker who camped at longer range with his grenade launcher. Corrado arrived to the scene from the spinner (player arrived late).
Duuuuccckkk! A fast train hits an unfortunate solo, another jumps to safety.
Another fast train passes by; Corrado arrives to the scene.
Tony jumped in the metro and killed a third solo. A suit in the back executed the traitor pc's were supposed to bring back alive, and left the car. Melee ensued between Tony and the last solo (wc). Joker moved sideways and tried to shoot at the suit - miss, and the deviation drove the grenade to the metro - wounding the solo and killing Tony instantly. (Another one bites the dust starts playing...)
Tony Li bravely enters the car; Suitman shoots the man who sold him information.
Corrado started shooting the suit with a shotgun and dropped him after two rounds - he left his buddy (delusional...) to take care of the surviving solo inside the car.
Hit! A stray grenade gun shot hits the vagon, killing Tony Li!
The solo recovered from shaken and used his turn to move out of the burning car. Joker took an aim at him but a slow local train blocked the view.  the solo tried to squeeze veteen the train and the wall of the trainyard, but his wounds made him clumsy and he was driven over.

Debrief, the funeral and a hot new job

The team was forced to drop the suitman's case as it started to beep (bum!) and received only half reward for failing to return the subject alive. Joker told their employer about the clone body they had found, and the suit let out no expression.
Tony's funeral was somewhat quiet. A few friends and distant relatives, and a group of triad people who just couldn't the event. miss Maggie Lan, Hammerfist and a few thugs followed the event. Corrado tried to annoy them but they kept their cool.
The team is called to the Kenta HQ again. This time they must find and kill a skilled hacker, winter wraith, from a slum ('combat zone') area where she has been tracked after a mistake. The woman was wife of Black Hound, the mercenary killed in the last session, who is told to be a thorn on the corporation's side and likely to be behind the problem with the clones. The mission would net the team 1 million eurodollars. Characters rejoice as they believe they've hit jackpot, but begin then to think why the sum is that much; How difficult the gig actually is...

Train yard - the game rules

A train yard with several trails next to each other, two of which have parked cars. Tracks are next to each other. There are both fast long-range trains and slow local trains moving on the trails, and the yard is quite busy. There's a wall on each side of the yard.

When someone draws an initiative card with clubs, at start of his initiative (once per round) a train moves through the area on the trail he's staying on. If there's a parked car or train on character's track, the train moves on random nearest free rail.

Check the number of the clubs card:

  • 10-A: Slow train. If on track, slow train arrives on that track all characters able to move must move to closest free place off the track. Guts roll allows one to lie down under the train. Those unable to move take 2d8 damage and are pushed aside. Train occupies the rail until end of round - generally in any place. 
  • 2-9: Fast train. As above, but an agility check is required to move aside oneself between moving train and another object, damage is 3d8 and a character that is hit by the train is pushed 2d6 inches. Guts roll -2 allows a character to lie down under the train

No space to avoid: If closest space of the track is blocked, an agility roll allows one to squeeze safely between moving train and the blocking object.

Model & terrain information

Rails are modified Worldworks games 'Streets of Mayhem'  rails, metro is a modified 917 -series papercraft train and fast train enlarged Sonic 885 -series. Miniatures are either modified or straight out miniatures, ordered mainly from Troll & Toad. Miniatures lines include Heroclix, Heroscape and Horrorclix.


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Thanks Big Juju! Hmm, now

Submitted by Shaper and Maker on

Thanks Big Juju! Hmm, now that you mention it, I think I scratchbuilt the interiors... Got to see if I still find them somewhere!

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