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Savage Cyberworld, session 6: Getting spooky. REALLY spooky.

After the last job, PC's had been getting some cyber and healing. Before they could leave for well-deserved vacation, Ivan got two calls. First, Ivan's police contact called and told Ivan that Italian mafia has put a price on his head (and hindrance was updated to major) - in the last session, the Italians closed with no guns when Ivan & Emanuele turned the confrontation lethal.

Second, head of the Russian mafia called Ivan that it's time to return the favor. The following scene is actually pretty much Pinnacle's free Moscow connection -adventure, which run pretty much as expected; Only Ivan and Agnes were present of PC's at this point, with 4 high-skill extras hired by the company with the money from the last gig. The enemy leader attempted to escape with the malfunctioning truck but didn't get far. Two of the extras went down, one of which made his survival roll - I didn't roll for the other one as he got 33 damage.

Checking Chernobyl Mect's platform
Checking Chernobyl Mect's platform

Firefight at the warehouse
Firefight at the warehouse

Snake & Dagger -statues are found from killed men - similar to those that were found from the dead arabs in the jeep. A police spinner is closing and the team must leave in hurry. They deliver the package to Pjotr, but notice that the crate is mildly radiating.

After the mission, Emanuele (third player had arrived) heard that they had won an all-inclusive luxury cruise on an exclusive Caribbean cruiser Princess Star.

The cruise

There's no question about not going to the cruise. Vacation starts very well, pc's eating and drinking well. It's comfortably hot on the sun deck due to ship's high-tech equipment even if it's autumn, and a plane spreading chemicals has cleared the sky from the constant smog.

On the third day something starts to happen. The ship is turning north to avoid a closing storm, there's a short circuit and fire on the sun deck that closes it from public. A pc changes a few words with a para-scientist who's very excited about ship closing the center of Bermuda triangle and it's ley lines crossing at the time of lunar eclipse; PC's spend some time discussing at their cabin, and the tv on the background shows a document about demolitions. A complex demolition chain is introduced, similar to the one the PC's saw when they tried to save Kenta's research building from a mercenary and his team. PC's learn that it would have been almost impossible for the attackers to put up the demolitions chain there in time, unless they all were top-class demolitions specialists. News follow, telling how Kenta's new super-cheap, super-effective cyber immersion system is spelling doom to other manufacturers.

A fatal night

PC's hear of a famous singer, Golden Canary, throwing a gig at the ship's night club and go to watch it.The gig is enjoyable, and to the surprise of the PC's, Canary soon starts to hang out with them. They also pay some attention to a bit-too-serious couple that seem to keep an eye on PC's, and a familiar-looking man that could be a Kenta employee. The group leaves night club for a lounge bar, and with an excuse Canary soon sends Ivan to fetch Shymapgne from another bar. In the bar, the man of the previous couple tries to intimidate Ivan to move forward silently, but fails and Ivan makes a scene. The woman appears, shows FBI-sign to the bartender and Ivan is dragged off the area. Emanuele who followed the man evaluates the situation and soon tries to follow, but it takes time before he finds the agents & Ivan.

Emanuele ponders the situation while FBI agents subdue and drag away Ivan
Emanuele at the door on left, Ivan surrounded by the agents in the middle

All the time, despite ship's effort to go around the storm, the going gets rougher and heavy lightning seems to be getting closer.

Ivan can be really annoying person. The cops are about to lose their temper many times when trying to question him about his relation with Kenta and what's he doing on the cruise, as well as anything weird he has seen that might be related to Kenta. Emanuele then hits the scene, and while his hacking-enhanced attempt to get the drop (just to threaten) on the agents fails, the soon start to get to an understanding as PC's are also concerned about Kenta. Agents are most interested about the man who run through walls as well as about the desert laboratory. Canary and Agnes are on the bar, Agnes hitting on Canary, and she scores! Nice.

Gateway to hell

The huge ship feels really unstable on the rough sea at the moment. Lightning seem to hit the ship repeatedly, mostly to upper deck but also to other locations, breaking some glass and causing panic among the passengers. At this point all the PC's are on the common areas and witness what's happening, and realize that it looks like it would be full moon outside... And there's a lightning storm AND there should be an eclipse. They go to the outer decks and see that above the ship, there's a huge pale vortex of light spinning slowly. Lightning seems to be hitting the ship mostly from that vortex. Small dark shadows start to appear to the vortex, and seems like some of them are disappearing with the lightning (most of which still hit the upper sundeck). Anyone seeing this makes a spirit-2(terror) check.

Then things start to go even worse. A glass-walled exterior elevator falls down from 10th floor to the promenade deck, causing more panic. Ivan believes he hears some kind of voice of servos from somewhere, mechanic buzzing. When PC's move to a safer location, trying to be safe from lightning, another elevator starts going up and down at a huge speed. Sparks are flying from here and there, and Agnes thinks she sees some kind of shadowy trail from that elevator gone crazy. Then a low metallic voice is heard, and ship feels somehow different below the feet. At this point, PC's start to look for a lifeboat.

The escape

This wasn't the worst. The vortex changes and turns red. Something enormous and black appears from it, enormous tentacles moving slowly under it. Everyone on the ship makes a spirit-2 (terror) check, and in addition to normal effect, failure on the roll causes a wound. After this, majority of the people on the ship are dead. Fires are spreading larger, ships starts to lean to the starboard side. PC's spot 4 flying shapes at a distance, probably spinners. Ivan that hears the mechanic servo voices hears they now move faster and sound a bit different in their rhythm.

All the ship's systems are now somewhat confused; Initiating lifeboat's lowering process needs bypassing processes etc, so a dramatic challenge starts. The creature above starts to reach towards the ship with it's tentacles. Emanuele, who's the computers expert, had taken a wound from pure terror, so he's at disadvantage, and finally fails the attempt after drawing clubs. He feels that something changed with the lifeboat or it's control system, and as they start to run towards the next lifeboat, the lifeboat's mechanics throw the lifeboat on the characters; Emanuele gets caught (but doesn't get a wound), and Agnes makes a strength check with a raise pulling him out easily.

Another task is initiated at the next boat, and this time Emanuele succeeds, and when starting to descend, pc's hear shouts behind them: The FBI agents join them. When they get to the water and get a bit distance to the ship, they saw it's a matter of minutes at most before the ship sinks, and the vortex above the ship closes, pulling the creature off with it. The spinners start approaching the ship, and the first one tries to land on the sundeck - but crashes due to severe weather conditions, turns into a fireball and plunges to the water. The second one succeeds, and characters with magnifying cyberoptics see a few persons running into the spinner, and two men carrying some kind of container they removed from the sundeck. The spinners leave, and soon the ship descends into it's watery grave.

There's a lot of speculation and rationalizing in the life raft. PC's decide that it might be good if they could go underground in order to examine this whole situation, what Kenta is up to and to stop the company. Agents agree that this would be a good way to proceed. PC's also learn that the agents had gotten a grip on Golden Canary because of drugs and forced her to pull some strings, in order to learn if PC's are currently working for Kenta (as they had been before), to get one of them to a place where he could be captured alone etc. They also learn that the storm didn't change it's direction, it was all the time heading towards the center of the Triangle. Ship's 'evasion attempt' took it right into center of it, and it looks like it was intentional.

Here ends the session. The world of the PC's, agents and Golden Canary will never look the same.


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