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I've been very busy lately, and even now I haven't been able to read Beasts of the Dominions completely, even if I got it... at least three months ago I believe? But I've read most of it and thought of giving a reviewish of it. To be honest, when reading the book's description when it kicked off at IndieGoGo I wasn't fully convinced if it would have enough substance to the cost. But I've learned to trust the quality of stuff written by Umberto Pignatelli and jumped in, and I'm happy I did so. 

Before you continue, be aware that the text will have some Spoilers, so if you believe you're going to play scenarios from this book, stop reading now! This is especially true if you're in my campaign, having stories of Kylis, Würful, Doris and others.

Beasts of the Dominions coverBeasts of the Dominions

I've been mostly reading the book at nights before going to bed, and I think it's worth mentioning that every time I pick the booklet up being afraid that I'm too tired to read it, the adventures written in it pull me in and won't let me go. While some of them are a bit traditional, like the first adventure, every story I've read has been well designed and written and most of them have interesting, unique features. So far my favourite has been Moloke-Tanu, where a tribal sorcerer does his last ritual to become an immortal abomination by letting a lion eat him. Too bad that it will likely take ages before my group gets back to southern regions, and I don't want to turn them back now as there's a lot of noble intrigue to do in borderlands.

Anyway, the booklet has 10 characters or monsters, and a story taking about 8-12 pages involving the creature. Many of the stories can easily be extended to campaigns, or possibly be used separately from the related npc or monster, if you have better use for the creature. For example, Lotus Spawn -scenario is actually quite separate from the scenario's story, where you encounter the lotus mutants after chasing a target of a bounty for a long time, competing against an experienced Valk mercenary and his team.

Mercenary campaign sourcebook

Another book that really interests me but I haven't got (as I haven't been able to read even the last one through) is Tattered Banners. This book is really promising and is about managing mercenary groups in your games, whether adversaries, allies or heroes own organization. When I'll get it I'll post you more information about it, unless you buy it first and tell me about it :) What I know is it has about npc personalities, spicing up mass combat and about daily issues of running such a company.


Beasts of Dominions

Bundle (Previous bundled with the B&B setting book and an adventure, just $5 more than just the setting book!)

Tattered Banners


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