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Savage tactics - a new view to character's options in combat

Savage worlds is a great system that translates action descriptions easily into mechanics, but sometimes you just need a bit help when thinking what you want to do, or a cheat to see how to do it. For this purpose, I give you Savage Tactics, a sheet resembling Combat Survival guide, but from a different point of view - concentrating on character strengths. This sheet is concentrating on medieval/melee -focused game, I might make another for modern settings later, although it may depend more on equipment.

This sheet is meant to be used both by gm and players, so a Game master who's using a character with high strenght can easily see options viable for that character. There was enough room to fit this twice on one sheet so with one printing you get a guide for two.

If you spot flaws or have suggestions how to improve it please let me know!

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