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Savage Worlds Cyberpunk: Campaign Log for Savage Cyberworld

I've been posting session logs for my cyberpunk campaign for quite a while but so far I haven't had any structural element to tie them together - this post introduces the player characters and ties the posts together.


Savage world Cyberpunk campaign: Characters and props

From left to right:

Agnes, Two-gun ex-mercenary that knows how to taunt and intimidate.

Emanuele, latest character to join the team. Emanuele plays too much Assassin's Creed 138 (and keeps talking about it), but is also an effective assassin himself with his two monokatanas. (although all players are from a group of people that have estableshed a small troubleshooter/bodyguard/etc -company, so introducing new characters are easy).

Joker: Group's munchkin, with d12 shooting and d4 in most other stats. Very beautiful and charismatic, Ace with good driving skill.

Front row, Corrado who's every indian in not in the canoe so to speak. Bad-tempered, believes his late friend is is still with him.

Behind him, Ivan, a fixer belonging to russian mafia. Scruffy looks, but somehow still likeable. Has been evicted often, tends to try new weapons in his stuffed apartments, whatever the calibre.

On the bottom right, prone: Tony Li, parkour master and former member (and now former enemy too) of local Triads.


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