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Savage Worlds: Random Hindrance generator

This tool is meant for inspiration in character creation, both pc's and npc's. You easily choose the 'safe' options' unless you are presented suggestions, which may get your imagination running and give birth to a refreshingly different character. So if you want inspiration for a new character

Savage Worlds Fan product

This generator uses hindrances presented at Conflict encouraging flaws -post. You might also want to read this post about character flaws

If you find bugs in the tool, please let me know by feedback form. And one more thing - if you want to suggest more detail suggestions for Death Wishes, enemies, vows etc, I'm happy to let know of them. If you send such, be aware (and accept) that they might get used in a commercial application some year - the tool behind these hindrances is quite huge and I hope to make it part of a great adventure generator of new generation.

Bold hindrance name means that the hindrance is Major.


5 proposed hindrances - reload to get a new set

Elderly, Enemy (A crime boss), Habit (Smoking)
Death Wish (Personal vendetta against a warrior even if the old conflict is settled by others), One Leg, Pacifist
Phobia (), Conflicting loyalties
Anemic, Elderly, Stubborn
Big Mouth, Curious, Vengeful


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