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Scratchbuilt Babylon 5 Centauri Vorchan & Primus warships

As part of my Babylon 5 scratchbuilding project, I of course made some Centauri ships too. On this page I'll show you construction phases of these ships. As prime material, I've used 1mm cardboard.

Vorchan 1.JPG - Putting together Centauri Vorchans.

Base structures of centauri Vorchan warbirds.

Primus 1.JPG - Vorchan with more details and starting Primus battlecruisers.

Starting to build Primus battlecruisers.

Primus 2.JPG - Adding details to Centauri Primus warships.

Plastic stripes and cocktail sticks & tiny wooden balls (below) are also used to build the battlecruisers.

Centauri 1.JPG - Primuses getting ready

Centauri 2.JPG - Fully assembled and ready Centauri fleet!

Ready, Centauri fleet ready to attack! I decided to take the easy way with fighters and use tokens.

If you are looking for printable paper models of these ships, you should check Burger's site.


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pretty ships

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pretty ships


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