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Scratchbuilt Babylon 5 freighters

Large and medium freighters

As a great Babylon 5 Fan, I've been building an amount of Babylon 5 ships in order to use them in roleplaying games and miniature games. As freighters have an essential part in e2o game, I just had to create some freighters too. These pics show you how I've created 5 Asimov -class freighters, one of which was turned into a Psi Corps freighter.

Beginning phases of scratchbuilt Asimov -class freighters
Beginning phases of scratchbuilt Asimov -class freighters

Asimov cockpits and engines
Scratchbuilding cockpits and engines for Asimovs

Flight of completed Asimov -class freighter models
Completed flight of Asimov -class freighters flying in space

Large and medium freighters
Freighters escorted by narn G'Quan class heavy cruiser

Small papercraft freighter models
Papercraft medium freighters

Psi corps mothership + Black omega squadrons
Psi corps mothership + Black omega squadrons


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