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Scratchbuilt Babylon 5 Minbari Sharlin cruisers

Shadow ships and Minbari cruisers, beginning phase. Main material cardboard, shadow ship has some wire too.

Base cardboard structures of Sharlins are ready. On the left there are several starts of shadow ships. Currently I've finished only one shadow ship (in it's own post).

I've used 1mm cardboard to build the sharlins, and drawn some lines by pushing a ballpoint pen hard.

Minbari cruiser, modelling clay applied. The clay is type that dries in the owen.

Applying modelling clay(?) to the model. I've used one from a hobby store that hardens in the owen. Great stuff!

Minbari 3.JPG - Minbari cruiser, more clay applied

After applying these parts the ship really starts to look like a Sharlin...

Minbari 4.JPG - Minbari cruiser, almost assembled

Pieces of wire, cereal box cardboard, random salvaged bits of plastic - just basic scratchbuilding stuff.

Minbari 5.JPG - Minbari cruiser, assembled but unpainted

Even more details. Forward guns/antennae have been made of plastic stripes instead of wire, but wire could have done as well - even better actually if I had wanted to make the correct-shaped structures there.

Minbari 6.JPG - Minbari fleet

Mimbari fleet, ready to engage! Nials and fliers escort the cruisers.

Minbari 7.JPG - Minbari fleet, another view

Minbari 8.JPG - Minbari fleet, yet another view

Minbari 9.JPG - Minbari fleet, still another view...

If you are looking for printable papercraft sharlin, check out Burger's site.


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