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Scratchbuilt Babylon 5 Omega destroyers +WIP

Omega 3.JPG - Omega assembled but unpainted

This article shows you construction process of my scratchbuilt Babylon 5 Omega destroyers phase by phase. The finished models are a bit less than 3" long. If you are planning to construct one of your own, you can use image on this page as reference and scale.

Omega 1.JPG - Starting to scratchbuild Earth Omega destroyers
Very beginning phases. Pieces of balsa wood, stripes of cardboard & plastic circles cut out of a small tube.

Omega 2.JPG - Parts of Omega DestroyerMore cardboad, balsa & pieces of plastic. Small plastic elements can be found from well-equipped hobby stores. Railroad modelling shop might be a good place to try. If you are in Finland, you might try this model shop.

I drew patterns on cardboard by pressing had with a pen. I drilled holes through the components in order to tie them together with a small piece of wire, unfortunately I should have used something stronger. If you are smart, you make the holes and check that they are straight before gluing anything to the hull pieces...


Omega 3.JPG - Omega assembled but unpainted
Assembled but unpainted model.

Omega 4.JPG - Earthforce destroyers ready!
Completed earth alliance warships!



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Awesome stuff.,they look

Submitted by daitallica (not verified) on

Awesome stuff.,they look great! Lemme know when you've done a whitestar

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