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Scratchbuilt Babylon 5 Shadow ship WIP

Shadow 1.JPG - Shadow ship, first paint layer

Shadow ship attached to a cardboard base with base paint. You can see beginning phases of the shadow ship model in the sharlin battlecruiser -post - basically, pieces of 1mm wire are glued to a piece of 1mm cardboard with PVA glue (wood/paper glue). When all the pieces are attached, layer after layer of PVA glue is applied to the ship, some phases adding glue only to selected spots, until the right shape has been reached.


Shadow 2.JPG - Shadow ship, ready
Ready painted shadow vessel and shadow fighter -tokens. The map is from Star Wars starship battles starter.

Shadow 3.JPG - Shadow ship, another view
Another shot of the above.

Shadow 4.JPG - Shadow ship on stand

The shadow ship again.



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Excellent work. I'd like to

Submitted by J (not verified) on

Excellent work. I'd like to make some myself. If you're willing to part with a trade secret may I ask with what did you coat the wire structure to get that shaped surface?

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Thanks! I was supposed to

Submitted by Shaper and Maker on

Thanks! I was supposed to take photos during the whole creation process, but forgot... Some day I might make more of these and take the photos then. I added some text to the post, I hope that answers to your question! I'm planning to add text to all posts I've created here sooner or later, I hurried to put some material on the site to get it started.

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