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Scratchbuilt exterior terrains for miniatures games

I found a bunch of photos I've taken of my exterior terrains, of which I haven't been posting much photos. These models see use in almost every fantasy rpg session!

Camp site attack!

Camp site attack! Trees made out of wire, added filler/glue mixture and painted. Campfire made with my fire modelling technique, drybrushing orange on the ground to create the effect of fire lighting the nearby rocks and burning wood. Foliages are made from dyed lichen

Camp site attack!

Settlement battleground divided by a river

A lot of terrains. Tower is made of plaster tiles (not Hirst arts but similar technique), buildings from cardboard (cottage) or balsa wood (shed, cottage's structures and door), cliffs made from styrofoam. Cottage's roof is paper stiffened with wood, and sawdust glued on it.

Cemetery as part of the battleground

Graveyard I'll present more accurately later.

Exterior gaming terrain overview

I know, light grey battlemap is boring, I'm currently creating new ones... I haven't been able to find commercial ones that satisfy me.

River terrain

River - composed from pieces. Cardboard, filler/glue mixture, rocks, painted river and varnish poured on the painted area. Bridge made of balsa wood.


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