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Scratchbuilt Imperial Star Destroyer


Front view

Here it is where did it all begin. Imperial Star Destroyer (or Imperator -class Star Destroyer, however you wish) is the first SW -model I started. Now, when I finished it, I finished several others at the same time and there are lots of models half-way ready...
  The model is made mostly using 1mm cardboard. Parts of the superstructure are 2mm cardboard, and then there is wood (motors and the reactor), plastic strips (antennae) and some do-it-yourself jewelry-pieces as the shield generators. surface decorations/details are made of thin cardboard. I've also used plastic beads as emergency engines. That's all short of glue, paint and varnish.
  And the base was a 1-minute creation for the photos, don't look at it :) 

Note: Later, when I started collecting Star Wars starship battles miniatures, this destroyer was converted into Eclipse star destroyer.

View from behind

Front view


View from behind above



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