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Scratchbuilt Star Wars ground combat miniatures

Another crazy project of mine. Some days I think I have time for everything, and I try to do everything... I was preparing ground combat rules for very small scale Star Wars miniatures, but I never got them finished. I've got a bunch of scratchbuilt or modified small miniatures though, and now that I've found Savage Worlds and it's mass combat rules, I can create battles using miniatures as counters! If you're a Savage Worlds fan, you might want to read my post about starship battles.

Miniature ground combat: AT-AT, AT-ST and stormtroopers attack rebel defenses

These tiny minis work well with Star Wars Starship battles fighters. Terrains I'm using in these photos are created originally for Axis & Allies miniatures.

Unpainted tiny Imperial AT-AT walker miniature and some troops

Here's a construction phase photo. As you can see, AT-AT is made of balsa wood, both 1mm and thinner cardboard, wire (to enforce legs), and some buttons I've found from a buttons store (feet). Some decorations of the head use small pieces of plastic & wooden pearls from hobby shop. 

Troops and rebel troops are repainted mechwarrior units - vehicles are still unpainted here.

Mechwarrior troops as stormtroopers & rebel troopers

Towers came with much larger AT-AT -kit, but they work much better for large scale turrets IMO.

Imperial walker & rebel tank

Another view to Rebels vs. Imperials scene

Large Star Wars miniatures ground combat

Aerial view to the Imperial assault

Heavy fighting goes on...

Closer view to the Scifi building models

Closer view to the scifi buildings. They've been created from cardboard or various plastic/other parts I've put aside for ages. I need a lot more to be able to create a real metropolis, but I think this is a good start!

Landing platform is made of wood (legs) and cardboard, I've drawn the surface with GIMP and printed & glued it on the cardboard. Tie fighters, interceptors & bombers, X & Y wings & Lambda shuttle are Staw Wars Starship miniatures. 


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