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Scratchbuilt Star Wars ships

Star Wars

Well, I have weakness for miniatures; I've always liked different games as well as several Scifi -settings, including Star Wars; I even made a bunch of custom miniatures for myself to be used with my Star Wars roleplaying campaign years ago. When Star Wars Miniatures Starship Battles -game came out, I had little hope of resisting it... and when I noticed that many of my ships were well to the scale of the game, I just had to do some more! One thing that I like in miniatures is that they give me inspiration to create something; I used to draw and paint a lot, but now my creativity is channeled more as modelling, as well as web pages creation. And, I still get use for my old modeller's education!

Eclipse, Victory, Dreadnought & many others

The starship models starting from top left, going through the ships clockwise: Corellian Corvette (aka. blockade runner), Imperial fleet carrier, Eclipse -class Star Destroyer (The big black one), generic tanker. Below the tanker is Quasar Fire -class freighter (modified as Rebel Carrier), then Imperial Carrack cruiser (dark grey one), Victory -class star destroyer, Republic Gunship (the small one) and right below it Trade Federation transport, and the last light grey one on the left is famous Dreadnought cruiser.

Various star wars starship models

Another pic 

Third of the same 

All my current custom starships 


Leaders of the rebel alliance... I have no quarrel with you.

Give me the woman jedi, sister of Skywalker... Return the precious object she stole from me. 

A shuttle is waiting... send her to my ship... And then I will discuss a truce with the alliance. 

-Emperor Palpatine, onboard Eclipse Star Destroyer, Dark Empire 

My Eclipse -class star destroyer. Setup made to resemble end scene of Dark Empire I -comic. 

Closer picture of the scene 

A huge starship, black as night

Black as night... 

Engines are't correctly made - I didn't find good picture of Eclipse from behind, and I as this is a modified Star Destroyer (my old one is here), I didn't want to make too big alterations - changing engines would have required a lot more work. 

A bit more light added 

Closer photo from side 

A closeup with better light 


Fleet pictures

Attack of the clones! 

Trade Federation assault on a republic world has started 

A closeup. I added another layer of paint on the landing crafts after these photos, but I was too lazy to put up the set-up again... 

Rebel fleet / New republic fleet 

Mighty fleet of the Empire! 


To reduce post length and group materials more logically, Modelling / WIP pictures and Escort Carrier tutorial and download have been moved to a post of it's own!


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would you be interested in

Submitted by August Perrin (not verified) on

would you be interested in making some miniatures from babylon 5?

would you be interested in

Submitted by August Perrin (not verified) on

would you be interested in making some miniatures from babylon 5?

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