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Scratchbuilt Victory -class Star Destroyer

Victory-class Star Destroyer is another vessel not seen in movies. It is predecessor of Imperial Star Destroyer, is 900 m long and has seen it's best years during the old republic. Although it's too slow to be too effective in ship-to-ship -combat, it still excels in one area: It is still the largest ship able to enter a planet's atmosphere. Combined with it's heavy weaponry, this attribute makes it excellent ground assault craft.

I've decided to take photos during the construction of VSD and bring them here so anyone interested in making their own scratchbuilt models can observe how is it done. I'm trying to explain the phases as clearly as possible.
  The first thing I needed to do was to obtain the plans of the VSD. I have a book named STAR WARS: The Essential Guide to Vehicles and Vessels by Bill Smith / DEL REY, where I could find the plans. I think you can find some on the net, too. I scanned the plans and printed them to the scale I wanted. I also printed a top-plan of ISD at VSD's scale, because that image was missing from VSD's plans and those vessels are pretty much similar.
Hull pieces  Here are the basic parts of the hull. These pieces' both sides are cut sloped, outer edges much more so. The inner edge must fit the other half when they are put together in the angle, but at that angle the outer edges should be as level as possible (See the plan how the pieces should fit together. Don't glue anything yet!). Cutting cardboard isn't as easy as you might thing, so you might wish to see mytips for measuring and cutting first.

How Hull pieces' edges are cut

Marking holes to be cut to hull pieces  The next thing to do is to cut the holes to the hull-pieces. You can see the shapes and sizes from the plans. Use pen-knife here, snap-blade is not accurate enough. You need to cut holes to the sides and for fighter bays in the bottom pieces. Allways remember to make sure you are cutting the right pieces, for it will be very frustating to see that you have just made a perfect hole to a wrong piece and ruined the whole piece. 

Putting hull together
  From this picture you can see how the hull is put together. It may take a few retries to get the aft-piece and reinforcing pieces to the right shape. I've put the reinforcing pieces in places that I can use the as front and aft walls of the fighter bay. In a model of this scale, I don't need much details, so fighter bays are just holes. In this picture I haven't added the top of the main fighter bay so the structures could better be seen. At this phase, I've also added small pieces of cardboard to the side to add some surface. It would be difficult to add when the top pieces are glued in. 

Adding superstructures
  This picture shows how the superstructures are built. I didn't have 1,5 mm cardboard which I needed for this, so I glued 0,5mm cardboard to 1mm cardboard. These pieces are cut sloped, so they fit each other and are straight at the edges when looking from front or behind. 

I'll probably have to put some paste into seams, for they look a little clumsy. 

Bottom and sides
Here I've already added other wing. It is made of cardboard cutted sloped, and the hole between them I'm just going to fill with a piece of balsa-wood. Not too pretty byt I don't want to give it too much time... I'm going to put there some paste too so there won't be gaps. The surface structures I create with thin cardboard, and this main piece in the photo I've made fold by carefully cutting it's center thinner from the side that's against the bottom.

The Scanner ball I've carved from a wooden pearl. 

Creating tower and behind: This is where I got lazy again... I cut the parts from an eraser and balsa-wood and covered the larger surfaces with thin cardboard. The main thrusters are carved halves of wooden pearls, secondary thrusters are cut from an ink shell of a pen. 

And almost ready...    

And ready. 

With ISD 

Looking for printable Victory Star Destroyer?

I've noticed that many come to seek a printable one, so I'll show you where to find one: Go to Momir Momir Farooq's site: . There under Starship battles/Starship Battles Expansion you'll find a Victory - with a great many other paper models.


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