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Shaken! Condition markers as game props

This simple modelling projects creates stunned/dazed/shaken -effects for miniatures, giving your games comic -style effect - stars whirling around characters heads. The markers can be done in a bit different ways, making the result more or less comic-like.

While this project was inspired by Savage Worlds and it's Shaken condition, it can be well used in other games where characters have different conditions; however, it works best for games where there's not many common different conditions. 

Below you can see marker in use - a shaken shaolin monk.

A shaken kung fu master

Creating the 3d shaken -tokens

Wires fold to the form and glued

The project was quite simple. I took wire, twisted it so that it made two spheres, smaller and larger, and a half-sphere wire to join these. To help preventing the markers to get stuck, I glued any loose ends - I'm still going to store them separately. Anyway, making two spheres of different sizes allows these markers to fit miniatures of different size or shape. 

I used 2-component epoxy glue to glue them.

Testing the wires

Here I'm testing the markers on miniatures so they fit well. While the one on the right is smallish, her hair is quite big and requires the marker to be placed reversed, larger sphere below.

The next step is gluing the stars. I spent some time to find suitable ones, and I found some star -shaped confetti's for just a few cents. They have mirror-like surface, which I liked quite much, and I didn't paint them at all. I used the same epoxy glue for them.

Shaken characters

Here's three markers in use. I'll have to say I like them a lot!

If I would have wanted to make them more comic -like, which would work well for many Savage Worlds games, I could have painted the stars in different colors - at least yellow and red. In games with more than one condition, they could be used to represent different conditions.

Addition: I found the confettis (stars) from Finnish Tiimari -shop. There's been a plenty of interest for these, so if you find other sources for this kind of stars, be sure to share the info!


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Very nice! They'll last

Submitted by Umberto Pignatelli (not verified) on

Very nice! They'll last exactly 5 minutes in the hands of my players (or mine) :)

Thanks Sean and Umberto! I've

Submitted by Shaper and Maker on

Thanks Sean and Umberto! I've tried to use strong epoxy glue so they'd be stronger, but the surface of those stars isn't something in which the glue sticks well; therefore I added a bit extra glue so there's enough sticking surface for it and the glue forms a strong structure, which helps the whole thing to stay together :)

Very awesome.

Submitted by Mike (not verified) on

Very awesome.

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