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Shaper and Maker: What does the site actually have?

Shaper & Maker website renewed front pageShaper and Maker has large amounts of popular content that is currently accessed mainly via google, so I felt that having Drupal's default 'River of news' front page is actually really bad thing for the site. To fix it, I've created a customized front page - well, the best way to explain is to show it, so now go see the renewed Shaper and Maker front page and it's display windows!

Having the site in a blog -format isn't all bad though - my earlier sites haven't had any way of promoting new contents, which was also bad, maybe even worse. Current setup addesses to both of the mentioned issues

Other changes

In addition to several changes, there's two larger changes that have an impact on user experience on this site.

First, I've removed some 20-30 tags from the site. There's no good for making keywords that mean almost same or keywords that have very few occurrences. This prevents users from getting lost into maze of tags.

More importantly, site's browsing feature has been completely renewed. Getting exactly (or at least mostly) content searching/filtering gave me a huge amount of headache, even if I've been developing Drupal sites for about 4 years now. Getting it to work well for users and being SEO-friendly too wasn't an easy thing to accomlish, but now I'm mainly happy about it. 

You can browse the site by choosing main category from the menu above and then choosing keywords (that are now reduced to those that really give you results). Front page display window titles also direct you to searches to some popular areas.

Enjoy - and feedback, please!

Hopefully these changes will help you find what you are looking for or love to find! And as always, I appreciate any feedback about these changes or about the site in general. I'll continue to develop the site and I'm aware of a few minor issues, but to make the new features available as soon as possible, I'm going to let them be for now.

Also, thanks for everyone who voted Shaper & Maker for Site of the Year 2012. The site didn't make it to the finals this time, but there's always the next year. And congrats to all the finalists and the winner!


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