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Shaper & Maker site news - New mark reached & future plans

S&M just hit 2000 monthly visits mark, thanks to everyone for your interest! It's not even month after hitting the 1k mark, but the site is relatively new and the summer was quite quiet so such growth is quite understandable. I was first making this site as a way to rebuild my old website, but it has grown something much bigger, and I have loads of topics waiting.


Technical features and issues

Made with a new version of a Drupal Content Management System that is still a bit buggy, this site has some technical difficulties. I hope to get feed categories working again soon, but even more I feel sad about an update breaking my filterable content browsing system. Without it finding content is a bit difficult sometimes, but finding & following keywords is a good alternative way to get forward.
Drupal is mainly made for other than blog -use, and Wordpress would probably have been a better option for this site. But I build Drupal -sites for living so I know this system best and wanted to test new version of the CMS as no new project at work gave me a chance at the time.

About nature of posts & future content

When I put the site up I didn't realize how much I have to share. I've spent way too much time on many things and have gathered knowledge that others will find useful,a good example of this being carefully picking prepainted miniatures for a Sword & Sorcery game from various product lines. And I seem to get new topics on my mind that are actual and can't wait, and posts I've been meaning to write must wait.
I have lots of posts planned or sketched up, but which have been pushed back; In future you can expect several more S&S miniature posts, modelling  tutorial for making dunes, printable basic dungeon walls, several gamemastery articles and more.
I'm afraid I won't be able to post this frequently in future. You can expect at least 1 post/week, but I try to write 2 posts from time to time. Thanks again for for you interest, and if you like my posts you're welcome back - my next post will be about D&D miniatures line news!


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One more addition - I first

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One more addition - I first added a lot of photos in bulk to the site. I've been adding texts to them, including information how those models have been created to them. There's still filling to do, but if you've seen photos here but no text and you're interested in the topic, go ahead and browse a bit, you might get the info you need!

And you can always ask me if you don't!

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