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So, I started playing Warriors of Waterdeep

Warriors of Waterdeep is a D&D -themed turn-based mobile battle game, where I among many others satisfy their itch caused by a D&D fly bit.

At start I was disappointed, as the mechanics only somewhat resembled D&D. This is a mobile game with D&D flavor glued on it. But I've grown to like it, and I was given leadership if the Finnish guild I joined (more on that later). I thought I'd lose my interest after delving all the explorable dungeons, but there's something addicting about searching for treasures, gathering xp and duelling with other players – nothing new about that.

I'd like to share my tips to those beginning the game:

  1. Gems. Never use gems for trying a challenge or exploration again. Try to save them for 2 for cost of 1 packs of items, for characters that get most out of items of that rarity. Later on when your Epics start to be high level you can expand where you use them.
  2. There's some golden common items, and some Legendaries that are completely rubbish. If you get to level up a common item enough, you will be as strong using it as if you had legendary. Choose one or few items of type you try to collect, sell the rest.
  3. Common, Rare, Epic and Legendary items have certain points where they improve (other than improving character's stats when using them). You can see when and how item improves on the rightside icon when looking at an item details/on upgrade screen. Levels are 5/9/13 (C), 4/7/10 (R), 3/5/7 (E) and 1/2/3 (L).
  4. When you get to move to higher type of armor (up to Epic), do not look back. All my characters have Epic armors. I have some legendaries, one of which I bought with 2000 gems, which I regret. But the same character is tougher with the upgraded Epic armor.
  5. Do not be sorry if you get huge amount of items you don't need. You'll get happy when you get a chance to sell those items for $$$.

Collecting huge amounts of XPA new thing in the game is Guild rallies and raids. Sometimes you can get huge amounts of XP in them – I was able to get to 40th Fire giant villain in a Raid once (Image right). Too bad I didn't have +200%xp book active. And in Rallies you should aim for 50 pts that gives you purple chest, that is quite tasty (and you'll need those keys to be able to access Raids).

How was I able to make this? Paladin's Block bracelet (+50%) and Fighter's Epic weapon's AC (+50%) combined with cleric's healings and regeneration gives you almost indefinite durability against this villain, if you are alert!


And a word in Finnish:

Sana Suomalaisille Warriors of Waterdeep -pelaajille

Kuten mainitsin, minusta tehtiin hiljattain Suomi -killan johtaja. En tiedä kuinka pitkään pysyn hommassa & kuinka aktiivisena, mutta toistaiseksi olen pysynyt kyllä aktiivisena hommassa. Sisäänpyrkijien käyttäjänimistä on vaikea aina sanoa kuka on suomalainen, joten kannattaa vaikka laittaa viestiä tätä kautta jos haluaa mukaan ja käyttäjänimi ei ole selkeästi Suomalainen.



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