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Space station paper model inspired by Babylon 5 Centauri

Remember the opening scene of Babylon 5 (not the pilot, the actual series), where Narn fleet attacks a Centauri space station in Ragesh III I was sold the moment I saw that, as it made an immediate connection to my favourite PC game intro - Master of Orion 2.

That station has been inspiration for this paper model I've created. It's not 100% paper model, as I've pierced holes to it and prod pieces of wire through them to create antennas, but that's little. There's some things that shouldn't be done in paper models (unless you're papercraft fanatic), antennas and like extruding parts being one and spherical and other like shapes being the other.

Here's photo of the ready model (Download link under the photo):

Babylon 5 Centauri inspired space station paper model

[Download link]


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