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Star Wars custom fighter miniatures (resin cast)

Tie fighters 

About 10 years ago, I started a Star Wars roleplaying game campaign. I wanted to have good props for it, and one part of the project was creating starships and fighters. Later, when Star Wars miniatures Starship battles came out, these fighter models became obsolete for me. The trouble to create them was just so big, and they still lacked in detail.


It's actually too bad that I had to switch for another scale in miniatures. I think these fighters were if not perfect, then at least optimal in scale. It's impossible to have absolute scale Star Wars starship miniatures, as the size differences would be too great, but to be honest SWSB fighters and small freighters are rediculously large. While they are great if using them if fighter vs. fighter battles or ground battles, and they look good, but when they are put next to capital warships they start to look stupid. My fighters are considerable smaller but still not really tiny.

Materials used to create orignals (from which the molds were created) were 1mm or thinner cardboard and wood in various forms (wooden pearls for tie cockpit, wooden pole, cocktail sticks, balsa wood etc.) and plastic (small pieces for tie fighter fuselage - round parts were cut from a pen IIRC, headhunter cannons were from hobby plastic stripes).






I didn't create any X-wings as the campaign took place in time they weren't yet created.





Squadron of Y-Wings

Tie fighters


Squadron of Tie Fighters

Squadron of Z-95 Headhunters

A picture of the fighters with a match box for comparison


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