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Star Wars exterior gaming terrain + Lambda -class shuttle

Rebels sneaking towards Lambda Shuttle
Rebels sneaking towards landed Lambda -class shuttle

Stormtroopers rush to defend the Lambda shuttle
Scratchbuilt Lambda -class shuttle is being loaded, when the rebels attack

Lambda from behind
Scratchbuilt Lambda -class shuttle from behind

Full view of the ground combat scenario
Full view of the ground combat scenario. Hills have been made of styrofoam and you can see the creation process of the alien plants on page Tutorial: How to build exotic (alien) trees and bushes

Barrels and crates, shuttle, stormtroopers & lots of else.
Another view to the area.

Shuttle seen from ground level.

Lambda shuttle model WIP picture
New! Found a new WIP picture of Lambda shuttle model

And one more picture, at the mid-construction phase of the Lambda -class shuttle. Materials used in construction are mainly foamcore (IIRC 6mm thick) and 1mm and cereal box cardboard, as well.

And yet another just finished another one with wings in flying position =) 


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