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A closer look to Star Wars interior terrain pieces

I've spent a lot of time to prepare some big changes for the site, but it's already some time from my previous post and I wanted to post something new on the site. I started digging my materials and found some photos of Star Wars interior terrain pieces I had traded away, very similar to those I'm using myself. I realized that I had't made article showing my Star Wars interior terrains in detail, so now you'll see better pictures of these terrains, as well as get some insight about how these terrains were built.


Chairs and barrels are resin cast from originals made from various parts (plastic and wood), table is created from buttons found from a crats strore. Various pieces embedded in the thick wall are salvaged from my bit box - various remains from ww2 aircraft kits and other pieces I've put aside.

Foamcore surface is very white and I've left it untouched, at it works very well as the light; Otherwise I've sprayed the walls with glossy dark grey spray paint, including the cardstock pieces with the holes for the embedded lights.

I've created walls mainly using foamcore, 1mm cardboard and cardstock. I've puched holes to cardstock (high and low) and cut the lines between these holes open, creating the embedded lights. A more hardcore modeller could actually install lights here, or do real Star Wars -style embedded lights (these have very similar feel but are still unique, and therefore can be better used for other genres too).

Consoles are resin cast just like chairs and barrels, console tables cardboard. Pipelines are made from straws.


Sorry for the blurry pic - new pieces in this set are reactor (made from icecream cup cover, a semisphere found from a hobby store and a cap of a vitamin tube! Bacta tanks are created from Ikea shelf door handles and self-made resin casts - I really love these pieces, I made them look a bit less plasticy than the original ones and they've seen a LOT of use in my Ptolus campaign! Control panel is resin cast and glued together, crates are also resin cast.


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