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Steampunk diorama created from scratchbuilt gaming terrain

Steampunk diorama, ready and edited

Here's a diorama I made for a competiton earlier, with some customized steampunk miniatures & scratchbuilt terrain.

Miniatures used are Heroclix, star wars miniatures, ordered mainly from troll & toad. The miniatures in the photo are Heroclix Vandal Savage, Jekyll, moderately modified Mending priestess (this one's Mage Knight), and Batman's old buddies Riddler and Penguin. On the background, you'll see repainted Star Wars miniatures neimoidian soldiers (who have a bit strange face but hey I'm not that precise).

I'll post another post later about the terrain pieces and how they have been made. Below you'll see the original photo.

Steampunk diorama - original photo



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Thanks :) I hope I can start

Submitted by Shaper and Maker on

Thanks :) I hope I can start to use them in a steampunk game sometime soon, although I have several other game plans too which are likely to take place before SP.

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