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Stray patrol


Dirk! Come to look at this!

- (Yawn) What now? I was just seeing most wonderful dream: That Helga from our academy class
- Not now! Come to look at the radar screen!
- What is it?
- I don't know but it doesn't look very kind. - Could it be dangerous? Maybe we should leave it alone.
- Well, at least it is UGLY.

- Hey, what is it...


- Energize the weapons!
- Check the emergency systems!
- Calibrate the targetting systems!
- Transfer more power to the weapons from the engines!

- Ready?


- ?!?

- No... Not a scratch.
- It disappeared. I wonder where...


- It... is... inside?

- I think it's heading this way.
- We must turn to hand weapons!

- Ready...
- It's coming in...


- They won't work!
- It's not affected by anything! We can only surrender and hope for the best to happen!
- (Eh?)

- Dirk! Hey! Dirk! Open your eyes!
- What? Where did it go?
- I don't know. Maybe it's lurking at us somewhere?
- No, there's nothing here.
- Maybe it has fled?
- Could it...?
- Hey! It's out there!
- We defeated it! HOORAY!

(It's the same thing all the time: Allways just before I have amassed enough energy to plane-shift home, they quit.)


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