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PbtA Star Wars on demand, part II: The Clone Wars!

The Jedi fight separatists on two fronts; On a volcaning mining planet and in Space!

Tracon 2019 went by and I was running Star Wars games in the event again. While I was running Rebel era adventures the last time, this time I was running Jedi characters in Clone wars. 

This Star Wars -on demand was run with simple World of Dungeons -like PbtA, which once again proved to fit action-oriented Star Wars very well.


PbtA Star Wars on demand – perfect combination!

Rebel team in a tight spot on a volcanic planet

RPG's have never felt this much Star Wars!

In September I was running Games on Demand at Tracon (Tampere / Finland). I prepared materials to run Rebellion era Star Wars with a simple PbTA system, and it was a perfect hit! During 2 days I run 6 games with 3-6 players, shortest game being 50 minutes and the longest extending to 1h20min as no-one was in hurry.

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