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When a graphic designer decides to develop a scifi rpg

Fragged Empire, Nephilim

If you still don't know what all the fuzz about Fragged Empire has been - or if you haven't heard of the game, then it's time to check it out - the kickstarter ends in 5 days! In Short, Fragged Empire is a scifi rpg, where you play descendants of humans, starting to climb up from their holes after a big war. The game and the world are designed by a graphic designer and you can see it from the samples on the Kickstarter page and game homepage.

High Space - a quick review of a promising new setting (beta) for Savage Worlds

High Space Cover

A few days ago I saw a new interesting Savage Worlds product at Drivethrurpg, and did something I rarely do - bought it right away. While Beasts & Barbarians scratched my Sword & Sorcery gaming itch, this  High Space might well scratch well enough my Space gaming itch.

SW Scifi world builder toolkit - treasures from a sale

Scifi world builder toolkit cover

I've been looking at various Savage Worlds toolkits/companions for a while, and finally I found the one I had been looking for most in a sale (Drivethrurpg's Christmas in July). I've been trying to find Sci-fi world builder toolkit in sale for several times but it has never been included in a sale when I've checked.

Throw some Moon Nazis at your players!

Nazi fortress on the dark side of the moon

Moon nazis will land on USA too! This is important news, as majority of my readers - and a lot of potential movie fans - are from US. I'm talking about Iron Sky, a movie that no-one dared to make in Hollywood. Iron Sky has been sold to over 30 countries already. In USA, at least 10 largest cities will see this epic movie, distributed by Entertainment One. The movie is planned to be debut in US in april-may.

Preparing for Galactica RPG: Prepainted minis & Paper space ships

Dradis alert! Three base stars just jumped in!

Galactica is one of the games I'm planning to run with Savage Worlds in future. It's most likely to be a mini-campaign, consisting of ~5 sessions. As a miniature and prop -fanatic, I've gathered some props for the game already.

Most of the miniatures I'll use in the game will be sames I use in my cyberpunk campaign. Soldiers, men in suits, commoners, they all fit in. I've bought a few cheap clix I'll use as pilots, even if they don't have perfect match for the suit they'll work:

Master of Orion fan's view to Eclipse

Eclipse game situation on the map

I've now been able to play 2 games of Eclipse, and I can tell it definitely feels like Master of Orion! This game, which is currently #12 on lists of boardgamegeek, is not a board game for everyone, but for those who like it it's really excellent! It may be a bit too heavy to be casual fun game, especially because of it's setup time - but it's still really lightweight to be a game it represents. There are plentys of reviews of the game if you google for such, so I'll mention about the game basics only briefly.

It's funny to be very excited about a boardgame you've never played

If you didn't guess it, I'm talking about Eclipse. I don't have the game but my friends have a few so I don't think I'll ever need to buy one, but I might end up buying one - just because. When they become available again , that is - it seems like the first print is sold out here in Finland.


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