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Tatooine -like rpg/miniatures gaming terrain


"If there's a center to the universe, then you're on the planet that it's farthest from!"

-Luke skywalker, speaking of his homeworld Tatooine

Addition: I added a few WIP pictures of the buildings to the bottom of the post.

The tatooine terrain consists from very simple buildings created from plastic jars and halved styrofoam spheres, moisture vaporizers from plastic stripes and various wooden and metal pieces from hobby and hardware stores and dunes from cardboard. I've also posted a tutorial about how to build dunes.

Dewback -trooper patrol investigating a fallen escape pod

Sandtrooper/dewback patrol inspecting a fallen escape pod. The pod has been created from various parts, including medicine measuring cup, cable tie and some ends for strings of a jacket from a buttons store (similar to  this one but with more shape - the link is just to give you the idea). The surroundings of the pod are just small rocks pushed into filler/PVA mass.

Tatooine buildings and props. Ping Pong balls, grill sticks, cardboard with surface structure and buttons were used for the smaller parts.

Most infamous habitant of the whole planet... Jabba the Hutt!

Banthas roaming around deserts of Tatooine

Sandpeople make moisture farmers' life dangerous

Sarlacc - one of Jabba's 'pets' he likes to feed.

The model is made from various components; Tentacles are pulp & filler/PVA mixture on wires, teeth are ends of cocktail sticks, mouth is from a ping-pong ball IIRC. Surroundings are filler on corrugated cardboard.

Overview of the Tatooine miniatures gaming terrain

Overview of the terrain


SWM Cards for Bantha miniature and a Tusken raider riding bantha:


NEW: WIP pictures of the Tatooine buildings

Jars that will be Tatooine buildings

IKEA jars that shall be Tatooine buildings, plus various other materials (all of which are not used in this project)

Putting the buildings together

Putting the buildings together

Cutting doors from cardboard

Creating doors from cardboard


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I am making a tusken village

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on

I am making a tusken village model with some of the same miniatures as you, but i only have one bantha, because of the price of the wotc ones. What did you use, as they seem like a suitable alternative

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