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Historical -looking temple model with WIP pictures

What fantasy (or medieval) roleplaying game wouldn't need a temple? Here's one I made to put adjecent to marketplaces and other convinient spots on the game table.

Base construction

Base phases of the construction. The temple's main material is cardboard, pillars are semi-corrugated cardboard wrapped around pieces of wooden staff and stairs are foamcore with some filler/glue applied to them. 

Making the tower of the temple

Making the tower of the temple. Window holes are drawn with a template and then cut out. Bottom line is easier and more accurate to cut if you hold the metallic ruler firmly and cut all the bottomlines of the windows simultaneously.

Temple, mainly assembled but unpainted.

The main structure is ready now. I've drawn tile structures with a ballpoint pen pressing hard. Windows self-made coloured icons printed on a transparent.

Completed temple from behind

Completed temple from behind. The dome is made of styrofoam, and the decorations on it cardboard. Upper dome is half of ping-pong ball. And there's a cocktail stick and two wooden balls (meant for wooden jewlry) on the top of all.

Temple as part of a gaming scenario.

Temple as part of a gaming scenario. Braziers, summoning circle, statue and a graveyeard fit well to the theme.

Temple viewed from the graveyard.
Temple viewed from the graveyard.

The temple in it's majesty

Majestic temple towers even the huge statue on high pedestal.


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Wow I gotta make one of my

Submitted by Kingofsouls (not verified) on

Wow I gotta make one of my own! It's pretty cool! Is this still a WIP or is the link for teh finsihed project up?

Thanks! The finished pics are

Submitted by Shaper and Maker on

Thanks! The finished pics are on this page only, plus some random images as part of a scenery. 

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