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Thing -necklace


This is the first wooden jewelry I've created. It's heavily impressed by works of H.R. Giger. As this is the first piece I've created, I'll also add some information about these pieces here. The text is copied from my old site.

About Jewelry

I've been often asked about the jewelry I've made, so I decided to tell something about them here. Mostly I've been asked about materials and tools. All of my wooden jewelry are crafted from mahogany. The Dwarven Warrior is cast of plastic, the original was made of material called Zipatool I had access to at my arts school.
There are several simple tools I've used when working with wood. Most commonly I've used a pen-knife or small gutter-chisels, or to rougher crafting, a small saw or Dremel- multi-purpose tool. I've also used sandpaper and files. I have several leftover pieces of 8mm mahogany from my arts school in my drawers, and it is very easy to begin to craft a piece of jewelry from pieces like that.
The last phases in making a piece I do by staining, wiping and sanding several times, and then oiling them. I've used olive oil, it seems to work fine. I've also varnished some pieces.



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